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Skincare Diary Part 1: My Struggle with Problematic Skin and Hormonal Acne and How I got rid of it?

I've got to say writing about skincare is always a love of mine when it comes to reviewing a product but actually talking about myself and personal struggles is definitely not an easy thing but if this series helps one person with their personal struggle then it will be all worth it.

So in my teenage years acne was such a big issue for me it was from the age of 13 to 16 and it came as a bit of a shock to me cause I had quite clear skin I remember saying to my gran what is happening with my face I'm ugly my grans response was don't be silly its probably puberty by the time your 16 it will all go away. To be honest it did go away I had such clear skin after but I know a lot of people that doesn't change for in fact I have a few close friends that it is a nightmare for them. Can I just say acne or no acne you are not ugly you are beautiful, confident and your skin doesn't define your self worth. Now that's out of the way let's get into Part 1 of this series.

So I realised I was having hormonal acne when I hit mid 20's after feeling like clear skin was going to be my life after the age of 16. I probably was having them before that but I probably didn't pay it any mind I think the reason I noticed was because it got really bad and no matter what I used for my skin it didn't help and my skin just got really sensitive.

The Worst Day

I had started a new job and because it was in a office I found myself wearing foundation Mon- Fri instead of twice a week one particular week my skin just had a little more acne than I was use to and it was just getting worst and my skin would sting when taking off my foundation. It got so bad I didn't want to do photo's instastories I probably wanted to leave my house with a paper bag on my head. To someone else there response would be your skin isn't that bad but what I realised struggles with skin is always more personal to the person its affecting.

After it was just clear up fully all of a sudden and my skin would look better than ever like it never happened at that time I didn't realise it was linked to my hormones and the reason my skin had cleared up was just due to my hormones becoming back to normal after my time of the month.

Reality birth's a change of Lifestyle

So now I realised what I was dealing with how do I change this?. One month I tried changing my diet that helped slightly but not a noticeable difference. Online was offering medication, the pill and other high dose acne creams to solve the problem none of which I was keen on doing because I not only had this issue 2 weeks a month but I always opt for more natural forms of skincare if I can help it. Plus I felt that trying these things would do more harm than good. I had hit a road block so I had to do something.

The following month I didn't wear any foundation near the month of my period and I noticed a huge difference in blemishes and acne. Later on I decided to exercise more rather than hideaway, leave social media (headlines like the recent one I posted on my stories Rihanna takes first selfie with pimple really got to me or just insecurity in general) and then theres the eating takeaway and chocolate while I feel sorry for myself.  So I was determined to exercise I really felt that helped I generally felt happier exercise does release more positive hormones and in my mind I hope it was counteracting all the horrible hormones that was causing my breakouts. I also incorporated some water and I still had breakouts but my skin was heaps better.

Later on I decided to do my skincare routine as normal and what I noticed was during my breakout it literally did nothing having a skincare routine so I practically just gave up on my skin for two weeks. Not sure where I got the idea from one week but I thought let me use a few skincare items  and see what works mind you my skin was extremely sensitive and some products did make my skin sting and it took some trial and error. Then finally I came up with what works so well that they are staples in my routine during hormonal acne. Part 3 of this series will have exactly what I use on my skin during a hormonal breakout so follow my blog and instagram for notifications.

I guess your response is what's the point if it doesn't help well I will answer that I realised that when I did this skincare routine, later when my hormones became regular my skin bounced back quicker and there was no scarring from the breakout and my skin looked AMAZING!. It's almost like everything I was doing to it was working it's just because my skin was going through that phase it wasn't obvious but I was still putting a lot of good skincare practises into my already struggling skin care bank and it paid me back with interest. I've spoken to so many people that just get fed up with their skin and neglect it cause nothing seems to work from personal experience it seems easier but you owe it to yourself to keep going.


I am now at a place where I am OK with my skin struggles sometimes you have to get to a place in life where you say these are the cards I am dealt I am going to stop asking why me and turn lemons into lemonade. So I have learned  to manage my breakouts they still suck immensely but I have just learned to live with it and just change my lifestyle to accommodate it so that I can live comfortably and confidently. So it could be hormonal breakouts, acne or just another change in your life that has rocked you to the core my best advise would be to look at ways you can either change it, be at peace with it or change your lifestyle to accommodate it.

Speaking of lifestyle change in Part 2 I will be writing about how to look your best while still having a hormonal breakout without irritating your skin there sort of makeup hacks this will be good for those that have acne flair ups also.  I will help you with what I do when I am going through this when I have an interview, photo shoot coming up during those two weeks I cant risk it and slap on a load of foundation and have my skin pay me back for the next few weeks but there's ways I managed to cheat  my own system so to speak. If you are interested in learning those tips let me know in the comments also if you have any other skin questions, concerns or are interested in a certain topic leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading!

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