Wednesday, 8 January 2020

It's Not Too Late: Reframing 2020 Resolutions

Does the thought of writing a list at the beginning of the year, spending January swearing off prosecco, partying, shopping and basically anything and everything fun fill you with dread? Are you tired of hearing your friends talk about their intense juice detoxes and yoga regimes that just sound brutal? Well, here you’ll find some alternative thinking on New Year’s resolutions – ways of reflecting and progressing without feeling like you’re taking all the good and enjoyable things out of your life. If this sounds like something that’s for you, then read on…

Staying Still is Not Going Backwards

Being in the same place as you were this time last year does not mean you’re underachieving. Staying where you are can be as much of a success for you as moving forwards – hey, at least you aren’t going backwards! The internet gives us a relentless slideshow of images and blogs on a daily – sometimes hourly – basis that show us shiny, successful people living their ‘best life.’ It can make it real hard to remember that this is the image they’re projecting for the world to see. There’s a whole backstory of other things going on that doesn’t get posted online. But, faced with their social media accounts, it’s hard not to feel inadequate.

If those feelings are getting overwhelming, it might be time to think about taking a social media detox. But we aren’t talking about giving up here, we’re talking about your achievements. Try these small activities to inject some self-love back into your thinking.

-          Write down something you started 2019 with and were happy about that you still have today. How does it make you feel? What are the best things about it? Maybe it’s a partner (or lack of one!), a pet, a piece of clothing, a job. Something you carried on with throughout the year. Now think about something you’ve got right now that you want to hold onto throughout 2020. How are you going to do that?
-          Write yourself a letter to be opened in the future. This might seem dumb, but future you will be amazed at what you think is important and have managed to let go over the next year, or five years, and what good traits you have held onto for yourself. If you’re struggling to think of positive things to say to yourself, ask a close friend or family member for some ideas.
-          A gratefulness journal is somewhere you can document one thing that you feel grateful for each day. This could become part of your bedtime routine – moisturize, write down positive thought, eye mask – so you go to sleep on a high, having acknowledged and then let go of the day thus far. You can be creative about how you do this. A notebook is fab, but what about post-it notes? Stick these round your mirror and then you’ll see them every day when you get up in the morning.

Start a Project

Reframing the way you think about things is one of the first steps to feeling more positive about change. For example, rather than thinking about how many take-outs you get and vowing to cut them out, think about what it would be like to learn to cook some of the food you love. In the same way that you would talk to a friend about a new project or idea they have, try turning the tables and making your inner voice a bit more supportive. If you wouldn’t let someone talk to your friend like that, you shouldn’t be talking to yourself like it. Loving yourself isn’t just about bubble baths and meditation – it’s about being kinder to yourself in practical terms. If you’re longing to start that business, decorate that room, start planning that wedding – whatever it is, begin making a plan rather than putting it off. You can both improve your credit rating and kickstart your plans with companies like Evolution Money, so it’s worth looking at all your options before quitting.

Don’t Give Up

Whatever it is you’re planning, don’t let the little setbacks knock you down. Want to get fit but hate the gym? There are hundreds of exercises classes, from bouldering to trapeze that you might find more interesting than pounding the treadmill. Want to eat healthily but can’t bear salad? Try a quick Google on a type of food you enjoy and look for the lower fat options. You don’t have to make resolutions to make positive changes to your lifestyle, and you don’t have to give things up to get going. Happy 2020!

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