Monday, 6 January 2020

How to Improve Your Home in 2020

When a new year rolls around, it’s always a good idea to look at your life and figure out how you can make improvements. In most cases, people look at things like their fitness, or their travel goals, or their career. But what about improving the home? There’s a lot of value in taking steps to make your property better. It’ll increase the value (which takes care of the financial aspect of the year), for starters, and it’ll also help you to enjoy being at home more. Many people make new year plans to escape their lives in one way or another, but you? You’ll be perfectly content where you are. But how should you go about the task of improving your home? We take a look at a few tried and tested ways below. 

Find The Weak Spots

Before you can reach an end destination, you need to figure out where you are. In relation to your home, this means taking a look at your current weak spots, as in, what’s currently dragging your home down? It’s all too easy to get so used to your home that you no longer see the faults. By taking a step back and taking a look at what’s going on, you might just discover that there are a few clear areas that require improvement. 

Increase the Comfort

You should rightly spend a fair amount of time figuring out the decor of your home, so that it looks great (more on that later). But it’s important that you don’t overlook the comfort side of your property too much. After all, while it’s great to have an attractive home, remember that you do have to live in it; it’s not just for show! If you’re got a comfortable home, then you’ll be able to sink into all the relaxation that a house can bring. The best, easiest way to increase comfort is to upgrade your linens, towels, throws, and cushions. They can make a world of difference.

Decor Upgrades

But let’s not fool ourselves: the decor and infrastructure of the home are probably what’s most important. There’s just something special about walking into a home that looks fantastic, and knowing that it’s yours. If it has been some time since you last gave your property an upgrade, then look at making some changes. Depending on the condition of your home, this might involve a quick change of wallpaper, or you might look for something bigger, such as a kitchen remodel. Some people are put off making these changes because of the costs involved, but it’s worth remembering that there are always options when it comes to funding the improvements. For example, you could compare guarantor loans and get the money that way. Once you’ve made the changes, you’ll likely find that the value of your home has nudged in the right direction, too.

Exterior Areas

Most of our attention rightly goes on the interior of your home, since this is, of course, where we spend most of our time. But it’s worthwhile spending time focusing on the exterior of your property, too, in both the back and the front. In the front, you’ll be able to increase the value of your home by getting it into shape, and it also makes arriving home all the more enjoyable, too. A few plants will brighten things up, as will upgrading your door. In the back, it’s all about creating a space that’ll allow you to fully relax. If you get the garden into shape, add a patio, and that all-important BBQ, then you’ll be able to spend many spring and summer days enjoying life to the fullest. 

Boost the Privacy

One thing that can compromise your enjoyment of your home is a lack of privacy. You’ll find it hard to relax if it always feels like you’re on display to passersby, or if people can see into your back garden. You can take care of this by adding curtains to the rooms that overlook the street. Adding a hedge or fence around the perimeter, and a gate at the front, will also help to make your home feel more secure, too. 

But Get To Know Your Neighbours

However, there’s no need to get overboard with the privacy. While you’ll want to feel comfortable and secure in your house, it’s not as if you’re trying to sequester yourself away, either. A shockingly high percentage of people in the UK don’t know their neighbours at all. Getting to know them, even a little, can make your home feel like a broader part of the community. You’ll feel a lot happier knowing that you’re familiar with the people who are living their lives around yours. 

Entertainment Upgrades

And don’t forget the fun! Your home should be calm and tranquil, but there’s always space for having a good time. There are many ways to do this, including adding music options to various rooms of your property, but the main attention will be given to the living room. If you have a large television and Netflix and the like, you’ll look forward to those cosy nights in all the more.

Get Organised

As well as the things that you can add to your house, also look at taking care of the things that can compromise the enjoyment. Clutter, for example, can make your home feel chaotic and anything but relaxing. It’s normal to acquire more items than we really need, especially if we’ve been living in our homes for years, but no-one says you have to store them forever. Look at taking a leaf out of the minimalist handbook, and simplify things. Aside from all the other benefits, it’ll also make it easier to keep things neat and tidy.

Adding Joy 

Finally, look at adding things that inspire joy to your home. If you’ve got souvenirs from your travels, decorations, and works of art on the wall, you’ll be able to look around your property and feel all the more content. 


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