Wednesday, 8 January 2020

4 Ways to Simplify Your Life in the New Year

Life can very easily become busy, stressful, cluttered, and out of control. In our modern times, we all tend to lead extremely busy lives with little focus on relaxing, resting and self-reflection. Long hours, busy social lives and temptations are all at fault for this non-stop and exhausting lifestyle. 

In 2020, why not make the promise to yourself to simplify your life? Remove, change and add things that add real value to your life. Things that can help you switch off, relax, declutter and reduce stress.

Here are 4 ways to simplify your life in the New Year.

1. Make a Plan

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Enough of the New Years’ resolutions that never amount to anything. So many of us walk through life unconscious of where we are going or where we will end up. The thing is, if you don’t consciously plan where you want to go you have no idea if you will like where you end up. Planning is essential to creating the life you want. 

This year, sit down and make an actual plan for your year. Think about what you want to achieve, why you want it and how you are going to get there. Start creating mini-tasks and goals to work to so that you can make your plan a success. By the end of the year, you will be far happier and comfortable with where you are because you consciously made it happen.  

2. Go Minimal

Try going minimal in every way possible from your home to your spending habits to your dating life to your social life. Think about what is important to you, what adds real value to your life and ignore everything else. 

In your home, remove anything you don’t use or that doesn’t hold any value to you. We’re not saying throw out your hotel quality bed linen from Richard Haworth but you may want to throw out the ten pairs of shoes you haven’t worn for the last year.

In your social life, start saying “no” to things you don’t want or need to do. You don’t need to go out and get drunk every weekend only to waste all your precious spare time feeling hungover. Similarly, you don’t need to be dating all the time! Choose your dates carefully and only go on the ones that feel right.  

3. Clear Debt

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If you have debt then clearing that debt should be number 1 on your to-do list for this year. Debt is not just a financial issue, it’s an emotional and psychological issue too. Money hangs over you like an awful shadow determining what you can and can’t do with your life. It creates unwanted stress and negativity that you don’t need in your life. 

Make a plan to clear your debt. This can be as simple as taking the entire amount and dividing it by 12 (each month of the year). Each month you can pay the designated amount off and by the end of the year, you will be debt-free. Horray!

Clearing debt is liberating. It allows you to clear your head, simplifies your life removing unwanted stress and allows you to start thinking about wealth creation which is far more positive and exciting than managing debt.

4. Consume Less Media

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Watching hours upon hours of Netflix every night, getting enraged about the news each morning and spending every bit of your free time during the day scrolling social media is not helping you. In fact, it’s just causing you to become negative about life. This year, spend less time in front of screens and more time flexing your creativity and social skills. 

Instead of watching TV at night try drawing, painting or writing. Exchange the daily news for articles about self-improvement, education or just a topic you’re passionate about. Forget about social media scrolling and be more present with the people around you by listening to them and having a real conversation.


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