Sunday, 28 July 2019

My Mid Year Achievement's

My Mid Year Achievement's

I love writing post like these because they always remind me when I am going through that dreaded blog slump that I have a lot to be proud of or grateful for. So I have been keeping a little notebook of all the things that happened in my life this year that are blog related or life related that have made me so proud.

Working with my dream brands

So I got the chance to work with Specsaver's, Bodyform, Gant and Isawitfirst this year OMG just saying that makes me so excited. These are brands that I have purchased as well as love that I really fell off my chair when I received the emails to join their campaigns. I have some more dream brands that I want to work with this year which are fashion and beauty related so fingers crossed that I end the year on a high.

Getting into my Career Field

I have always wanted to work in the role that my degree is in and that is Administration and I am now progressing into that role. I would want to dabble in some marketing but the job I've gotten has everything that I wanted it's near my house I will be working with children and I had to get a lot of no's before I got a yes and I am so excited to start. I am writing a blog post about this so follow my blog so you can get all the juicy details of  the highs and lows of my job search.

Getting Paid for blog related work on my Instagram

This is such a big deal for me because I recently found out you can get paid from your Instagram I have been getting the odd sponsored post here and there on my blog but to be paid on my Instagram page is a big deal. Especially since I invest a lot more money and time into my Instagram page than my blog this was a shock for me.  There's a new wave of bloggers called instabloggers and there's so much debate as to whether you need a blog. But we will hash this topic out in a blog post for sure.

I've been invited to join a Panel

Now this has been the biggest shock for me this year and I cant even talk much about it because the team is still getting everything ready and there planning to announce the speakers but to be invited as a speaker is such a big deal. I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone this year and I cant think of a better way. And being selected has really made me want to focus and think about who I am as a blogger what do I love talking about what would l love to communicate to an audience. I didn't think I would be selected but I am super grateful and I cant wait. 

So what achievement's are you proud of this year?
           I would love to hear them, I do believe there is always something to be grateful for.

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