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Great 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for your Best Friend


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Turning 21 is a milestone in any girl’s life this weekend my friend turn's 21 and I've been looking for that perfect gift for her and if your best friend is soon to be celebrating becoming a fully-fledged adult, you will want to buy her something that she will treasure forever. After the 18th birthday, a girl actually becomes a woman when she reaches that magical figure of 21, and if you are stuck for ideas for the perfect gift, here are a few suggestions that are guaranteed to please. Quick disclaimer there all jewellery choices because I love jewellery.

   Solid Silver Necklace & Pendant – This can be the perfect gift for that soon-to-be 21 girl. There are many different designs that are offered by jewellers, so whatever her style, there will be something just right. The silver heart makes for the perfect pendant, and you can have her initials inscribed, making the gift more personalised. As she is your best friend, you know her jewellery preferences, and with a hand made solid silver necklace & pendant, she will treasure the gift always.

  Sterling Silver Bracelet – If your best friend is soon to be celebrating reaching adulthood, why not check out the stylish chunky silver bracelets available from an online jeweller? If chunky isn’t her style, an online jeweller has an extensive catalogue of handmade sterling silver bracelets of all types, and you could have the bracelet personalised with your very own message. She might prefer a silver rope bracelet, with fine strands of silver arranged in a twirling pattern, or an elegant link bracelet made from the finest polished silver.

Image Source: Pexels

     Adjustable Sterling Silver Rings – If you are not sure of your friend’s ring size and you want to surprise her with a stunning 21st birthday gift, why not buy her a solid silver adjustable ring? With a small opening in the back, the ring can easily be adjusted to make it a perfect fit, and whether she prefers a chunky ring or something elegant, an online jeweller has a wide range of adjustable sterling silver rings that any girl would simply love to add to her collection.

     Solid Silver Charm Bracelet – If she doesn’t own a charm bracelet, her 21st birthday is the ideal time to change that. Once she is the proud owner of a silver charm bracelet, she can add to her charm collection as the years go by, and by searching online for a UK based sterling silver jeweller, you can view a wide selection of stunning hand-made charm bracelets, and once you have found the right design, a secure online payment is all it takes to have the gift packaged and dispatched to your home address.

You are only 21 once in your life, and for such a special occasion, your best friend deserves a unique gift, and with handmade sterling silver jewellery items that are offered by an online jeweller, you can be sure to choose something that she will treasure forever. Silver jewellery is always warmly received, whatever the occasion, and when a girl becomes a woman, there’s no better way to celebrate than buying her handmade silver jewellery.

Image Source: Pexels


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