Thursday, 13 June 2019

Great 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for your Best Friend


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Turning 21 is a milestone in any girl’s life this weekend my friend turn's 21 and I've been looking for that perfect gift for her and if your best friend is soon to be celebrating becoming a fully-fledged adult, you will want to buy her something that she will treasure forever. After the 18th birthday, a girl actually becomes a woman when she reaches that magical figure of 21, and if you are stuck for ideas for the perfect gift, here are a few suggestions that are guaranteed to please. Quick disclaimer there all jewellery choices because I love jewellery.


Sunday, 2 June 2019

Introducing The New Impulse Mody Mist

Can I just say firstly that I have always been a fan of Impulse those little bottles of perfumes in like millions of scents have always been a life saver in my handbag that's why when they offered to send me their new range of Body Mist I did a happy dance. What I like about their brand is that even the little tins of perfume there is so much variety to choose from so much so that I could never decide which one to pick and I would end up walking out with like 3 or 4.

So there is 5 scents in total and these are combinations I could never envision so I was quite intrigued to find out what each smelt like so lets dive in:

Purple Petal + Smokey Sky
This seemed like the most conservative of the shade names. So let's start with this one, on first smell I thought it smelt sweeter than I imagined don't know why I thought it would smell musky. So the scent combination is jasmine, white gardenia and fresh nectarine.  It also contains notes of mandarin, sweet and spicy scent of sandalwood, patchouli and pineapple.  It's more on the sweeter side but I think the jasmine makes it more balanced.

Tropical Beach + Expresso

When I saw this shade name I wasn't to sure I was like is it like sipping coffee on a beach would it smell like coffee and pineapples. When I sprayed the scent I was like Wow..... this scent is incredible I kept spraying it and the song "Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to Bermuda Bahama's come on pretty mama came to mind." This scent just makes me think about holiday with its coconut, bold expresso with rasberry and apple. It also contains notes of orange flower, dry amber, patchouli with a shot of coffee.  Even the ingredient's don't seem like they would work but they do this scent just smells expensive and I can smell the subtle notes of coconut.This is my definite fave.

Burnt Marshmallow + Leather Jacket

Let's start with the pretty pink one next.This scent is quite unusual but in a good way I have not smelt anything similar to this and I cant even guess the notes when I spray it. Something about this scent that makes me feel calm and it really matches the name of the perfume. It's not a sweet scent as such so if your a person that's not into your sweet scents this one is for you. The notes in this perfume is spicy pink pepper, goey marshmallow, vanilla and suede. I really believe that since this one is quite unique in terms of perfume ingredients and scent combination that it will be quite popular and who doesn't love a pink perfume bottle.


Sweet Caramel+ Electric Blossom

Another scent that is making me think of dessert is the sweet caramel and electric blossom this scent on first spray is sweet if your into a highly sweet scent that makes you smell pretty this is your scent. For some reason the scent reminded me of an expensive boutique I visited in Antigua it's just a very feminine scent and it brought back memory's of holiday. Unlike the scent before there's some familiar notes in this it contains. It contains caramel, vanilla and sweet blossom and it is described as a sweetened floral fruitiness. And to be honest I would describe it as a sweet floral explosion it's such a girly scent.

Fizzy Apple + Festival Fields

Now this scent surprised me another one that didn't smell like what I expected. I really thought it would be sweet but it's more on the musky side with a little bit of sweetness. I am obsessed with this one to it smells beautiful and its a perfect balance of scents not to sweet not to musky slightly fresh. It's truly amazing I think it will appeal to everyone also with it's blend of crispy apples clashing with fresh fressia with a hint of vanilla this scent is a real crowd pleaser.

So in terms of this review what I did is smell every scent and I wrote down everything I was thinking or feeling which was sort of a first impressions then I went and looked at the ingredients later. Overall this collection of body mist is amazing, based on this review I'm sure you can tell I am into my perfumes so I wouldn't recommend any scent if it wasn't something I liked I would simply say it's not for me. My personal favourite out of the 5 is tropical beach and expresso and my next favourite would be fizzy apple and festival field. However the other 3 are amazing to burnt marshmallow and leather jacket is a scent that I would have to get use to because it's a scent that is new to me but I think people will gravitate to it because of that it's different but it smells great none the less. It's really nice to try a range where I could say that they all smelt good. The new Impulse Body Mist can be purchased in Boots and Superdrug as well as other retailers.

Have you tried any of Impulse's New  and Edgy Body Mist Collection?

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