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What to wear to the races-An Ultimate Dress Code Guide


So the races is such an exciting sport but unlike other sports theirs so much more prestige to it despite its just as competitive. Now that where in the spring and summer months places like the Epsom Derby 2019 has a wide range of of information on which you can get if you are going to your first races in terms of the day, venue and tickets. So now you've gotten an idea on the atmosphere and what you can experience from the races whether it's your first time or your 10th I will talk about a few outfit choices I would recommend such as the usual dress code to more modern outfits as well as some tips on how you can dress affordably by even making use of some outfits and accessories you already have in your closet.

The Usual Dress Code

So when going to the races there are  some outfit choices that are quite in line with the *dress code for the races. I for one love themes when someone says its a black tie outfit or a wear all white  dress code I would rather match the majority than to stand out like a sore thumb. When you think of the races the first thing that comes to mind is a fancy hat but there is so much more to it. A fancy hat doesn't have to be one your great aunt or grandmother wears it could be a hat that compliment's your personality, age, favourite colour or even personal style. For instance it can be a laced hat, a hat with a bow. But there are even more modern hats like a panama or even a boater, we will go into more modern outfits but the other aspects of wearing a hat is how it compliments your dress. 


I will talk about the type of dresses you can wear to the races and so many stores provide a section specifically for dresses for the races like Asos, John Lewis and Chi Chi London which is a personal favourite of mine to name a few. I personally love a dress to be quite pretty and floral like this one here or very feminine and chic like this one here. When it comes to dressing for the races it is very formal and the outfits can be very similar to what you would wear to a wedding. Some of my personal style choices is a midi dress with a pleated or  chiffon skirt with a fitted bodice it just looks so regal and there are dresses with a sweetheart neckline or even off the shoulder. Here's another dress that fits this type of description and I think its absolutely beautiful for spring or summer and I would pair this with a simple white straw hat and some white heels. Another style of dress I think is great for the races is a fitted dress in floral, lace pattern or otherwise a usual length you see at the races is midi or just over the knee. The dress I'm wearing is from warehouse but you can find this style of dress in most shops and if I had to pick another which is not floral this dress would be my choice . An a-line bodycon dress that's just over the knee or just pass the knee is always a very simple  but not to overdone depending on the style and fabric and its very youthful. 


For the men I didn't want to leave out the men entirely but the outfit choice for the races is mostly a suit with the men wearing a pop of colour for the tie sometimes, a bow tie or a pinned flower. There's even some more modern twist for the races for men also that I have noticed which I will talk about in the next paragraph.

Outfit's for the Races with a Modern Twist

So I spoke about what are some of the usual outfit choices are for the races when it comes to women but with fashion evolving where seeing so many different trends merge with current outfit choices. For instance some women are opting to not wear a hat at all to the races, or even having a few pearl clips in their hair like what I did with the outfit I am wearing. Also some outfits don't even consist of a dress some people where a white shirt, balloon skirt and a nice hat to compliment the skirt. In terms of men's attire more men are not wearing ties and their also wearing chino's, a blazer and a tie instead of your fancy formal suit. I for one love the modern twist on the outfits for the races just as much.

How to re-wear your closet to the races

So I could write a alot on re-wearing your closet in general but in terms of re-wearing your closet for the races this can be extremely easy since some of the types of dresses I have mentioned before one or more can already be in your wardrobe and you can wear a clutch bag or shoulder bag or and sunglasses to dress up the outfit. Also if you are very low on budget and you want a hat for the races that is affordable to pair with your favourite closet essential look no further than eBay yes I  said eBay I've been finding some amazing pieces recently and I found a really nice fascinator which is less than £10 and I wide range of other styles for as low as £2.50 and they look so high-end depending on who you purchase from. So the floral dress I am wearing in the photo is a dress I already own if I didn't pair it with the pearl clips for a modern twist I would have worn a pink fascinator like the one I linked and some statement earrings to compliment the entire outfit.

So dressing for the races is incredibly easy no matter your taste in outfits, colour choices, style or age and you can dress with more high-end pieces, affordable pieces or simply re-ware something amazing you already own. What ever you decide to wear to the races wear it confidently with your head held hie and enjoy the races.

Also if you need further tips on outfit choices or what to pair with what or you need more advice on what to wear leave a comment or simply email me I am more than happy to help.

   Thank you for Reading,

*This post has been sponsored but all thoughts and opinions expressed are completely mine. 

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