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My Updated Makeup Routine 2019|How my makeup routine has changed in 2019

So when I started my blog my makeup routine use to be all or nothing. I didnt'nt discovered that there was such a thing as concealer and making an effort consisted of a winged eye or having a very grunged smoky eye and lipstick. Looking back I didn't know what the heck I was doing with makeup but one thing I know looking back is that my skin was incredibly even and glowy because I have always been into skincare especially since I didn't discover foundations ect I guess growing up and going through really bad acne after that teenage phase I wanted to take care of my skin to avoid that pretty early on.

So with the likes of YouTube and how skincare and makeup has evolved I wanted to give you an idea of how I do my makeup now in 2019 and what I focus on mostly now.

Prep and Prime

So I don't always do this before my foundation routine especially when I am in a rush and there is need to that 5 minute makeup I talk about so much on my Instagram but prepping the skin is so important especially when you want to protect your skin or when you want your foundation to stay in place or look better.

A Flawless Base

I'll be honest this is the most important thing to me when it comes to doing my makeup I love my makeup to look even so a great foundation and concealer is important I'm also looking at trying colour correcting to have an even more flawless base to my skincare regimen. Even if you don't have a full face having a flawless base just brightens the face.

Glowy and Dewy

When I use to do my makeup in 2013 for instance it was all about the blusher making sure my cheeks popped some days they popped more than others and I looked a bit like bobo the clown but I guess that's the thing with beauty and makeup trends change. But I will be totally honest I still love a good blusher but its a bit more neutral and I pair it with a highlighter. I rarely go for a highlighter that is super glittery and bright but I do love that glowy dewy look at the minute it's great for a full face or a toned down no makeup makeup. I'm not sure why highlighter wasn't created sooner I am sat here thinking where would I be if they didn't invent highlighter haha. But honestly it's a staple in my makeup routine in 2019.


I am still working on  getting this right but I love when it goes right it just gives such a nice structure to the face I plan to try a cream contour this year but I am obsessed with the Nip and Fab Contour and Highlight Palette that's what I am using alot at the minute.

Lips or Eyes

I remember when I use to do makeup I use to have a bold eye and a bold lip then I hated doing makeup because it just made me look so much older. Now I've learnt you cant have both a bold eye and a bold lip its one or the other. So most times when I do makeup if I have a bold eye I will pair it with a nude lip or a lip gloss or If I have a bold lip it will be a neutral eye maybe a liner depending on the type of look but yes I don't do that anymore it just looked over the top. Some of my friends or Youtuber's do it but their really neat when it comes to makeup or they have a face that suits like a full face of makeup and it looks FLAWLESS!

Eyebrows and Lashes

This year I am focusing on my brows more the last few years that was a bit on the back burner because I find it hard to do my brows but I am determined to find a consistent shape and a good brow routine. The struggle is real but I will update you. Also I have been trying different mascara's but nothing beats the lash paradise and I really think I need to go and revisit that mascara now I have tried other mascara's.

So that's it for my makeup routine in 2019. Follow my blog for my post on my 5 minute makeup routine and my upcoming colourpop reviews.

What's the most important part of your makeup routine?

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Sunday, 24 March 2019

What to wear to the races-An Ultimate Dress Code Guide


So the races is such an exciting sport but unlike other sports theirs so much more prestige to it despite its just as competitive. Now that where in the spring and summer months places like the Epsom Derby 2019 has a wide range of of information on which you can get if you are going to your first races in terms of the day, venue and tickets. So now you've gotten an idea on the atmosphere and what you can experience from the races whether it's your first time or your 10th I will talk about a few outfit choices I would recommend such as the usual dress code to more modern outfits as well as some tips on how you can dress affordably by even making use of some outfits and accessories you already have in your closet.


Monday, 4 March 2019

My Luxury Skincare Routine wih Bellevue London

I'm so happy that I am back to posting regularly over on the blog my new PC is on the way so I will be able to finally get some post out quickly for you guys my current one is so full and its so slow I use to dread having to write content but that's all about to change. Despite I haven't been posting as regularly there's some new readers that follow my blog and I would like to welcome you. Now that all the housekeeping is out of the way lets get into the post.

So a while back I got *gifted with these skincare goodies from Bellevue London. I've never heard of the brand but I am always happy to find new skincare brand since I can find some serious gems out there.

So the products I got sent are the Day Cream, The Night Cream and their Facial Serum.I'm not going to make this post an extremely long post just going to write about my experience with the products.

The Facial Serum is more of a light cream and I applied it to the face and neck after using my cleanser. I really love the serum its really light weight, non scented and it feels great on the skin. Its said that on the packaging that it is an antiaging serum with prompt lift effect suitable for fine lines.And despite I am on the younger side when it comes to anti-aging property's I have noticed some vibrance in my skin since using this.

The Restorative Day Cream uses snail extract which is rich in glycolic acid amongst other vitamins and mineral. I have a few day creams and this one unlike the serum has a slight scent but its very moisturising a little goes a long way so I had to go light. It was quite moisturising on the skin without being tacky or sticky and my skin reacts really well to glycolic acid.

The Night Repair Creams I love the sound of it just the thought of your skin repairing itself while you sleep sounds great to me. I'll be honest and say I am very uncomfortable with night creams and this one was rather thick so I was hoping that it didn't give me a really bad break out. So I used it a few times over the weeks and I used a little. When I woke up in the morning my skin felt really soft and I had no break outs the few times I used it.

For the most part I love these products my favourite would be the facial serum then the Day Cream and lastly the Night Cream but overall their anti- aging collection is really nice for the skin and you do see changes over time while using them. I Trialled these products for  3 weeks to give a well rounded review.

Also as mentioned before on my Instagram I will be giving away this entire collection over on my page. So be sure to follow my socials to see when the giveaway is live. If you wish to purchase any item from the Bellevue Collection you will receive a massive 30% discount when you use the discount code “Beautiful” at the Amazon checkout
Have you tried Bellevue London Collection?

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This post contains gifted items but the opinions expressed are my honest opinions.
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