Tuesday, 4 December 2018

My Top Christmas Outfit Idea's for Events and Party's

This Christmas I am completely struggling to purchase gifts there is just so many amazing fashion trends. Apart from animal print that seems like it isn't going no where anytime soon there are some pretty spicy trends I am obsessed with.So lets get into it shall we.

A Pop of Colour

I just love adding a pop of colour to outfits and it doesn't have to be just a pop of red only oxo blood, dark greens, royal blue or purple make for nice pops of colours for a black or white outfit. In today's post I even paired a pop of red heels with this zebra print outfit because black and white zebra print gives this super chic monochrome vibe that has some personality.Warehouse has a beautiful range of *going out dresses to suit so many range of styles literally there is something for everyone. Since where on the topic of personality on to another top pic of mine.


This probably has to be my favourite trend this year when it comes to an outfit choice for a Christmas Party I just think of big voluminous hair and some statement earrings with heels. I am still looking for a multi sequin dress that I am obsessed with. But warehouse had this beautiful gold sequin dress that is currently sold out and when you see it you will understand why. Also if I were to get something in a multi sequin this jumpsuit from New look isn't too over the top. I just love that sequins is making a comeback like animal print I find sequin outfits is perfect for this time of year because its also great for New Years as well and its just like level 10 glam for an event or an office party. Basically with sequins you just don't need a lot to make a statement.

Boiler Suits

Another trend that is coming back that is currently turning my head is the comeback of Boiler Suits I nearly bought one over the weekend even. Topshop is killing the game when it comes to Boiler suits and despite I found them to look a bit casual and they didn't appeal to me at first I am finding more dressed up ones like this Purple Corduroy Suit and theirs some really nice ones I have been seeing in black also.This is just comfy yet dressed up and its easy. This is a perfect option in case its really cold or even snowing with some boots you know how unpredictable this english weather can be. I literally went to an event recently with sandals and it rained so much that it was just a mess. Luckily I had some boots in my bag but majority of the guest were wearing boots and jumpsuits.

The Little Black Dress

I'll have to put my hands up since its been autumn/ winter most of my outfit have been black whether its dresses or a black top with trousers there's been some sort of black incorporated in what I am wearing. I've always said that black will never go out of fashion and when in doubt where black , despite the little black dress has evolved into midi dresses, maxi dress and even the pencil dress rather than your cute little cocktail dress. Most women have one or two go to dresses that they reach for when they need to go out and cant think of what to wear. The great thing with black is that you can even pair it with metallic like gold accessories or silver and put that statement red lipstick on and your suddenly ready to take on the world

So that's it for my top pics when it comes to attending Christmas party's or events and just writing this post gets me so excited for all the festivities. I seriously cant wait to eat my body weight in mince pies and not feel guilty about my current diet haha. I hope you find this post helpful if your currently trying to decide on what to wear for Christmas.

Happy Holidays,

*This was a collaborative post but all writing/opinions are my own


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