Saturday, 15 December 2018

Christmas Gift Guide: Home and Lifestyle

Seasons Greetings you beautiful bunch! I've got yet another gift guide for you because if your like me totally blindsided that Christmas is on its way and you haven't bought any gifts for anyone and your not sure what exactly to get don't worry I got you covered, also I will be posting gift suggestions on my instagram also. So today's gift guide is for that home lover or nester in your life and I have got to say that since I have gotten into pinterest alot more and I have been adding so many interior photos to my Dwell board I just have such a love for homeware alot more this year than I did last year.

So this is a gift idea that most likely will be in all of my guides because I just love collecting them and most people love receiving them whether they are personalised or plain and their mugs. I purchased this mug from New Look and I wanted it for so long its just beautiful its got a nice print on it and its huge enough for those large cups of hot chocolates, not sure if its in stock but I have bought a few mugs from New Look now and I love their mugs so check them out. Also other places that do beautiful mugs include Matalan and Anthropologie.

Another gift choice I would recommend for a person that is totally into their homes is a candle whether its an affordable one like this one I purchased from Aldi or a large Yankee candle just the idea of lighting a candle during a warm bath or to give the house a nice aroma is enough to put a smile on your loved ones face.

Since candles is a bit of home and lifestyle another lifestyle related gift is lush pamper products such as sleepy after having a nice bath its so relaxing and also their bath bombs are amazing.

Buying pretty plates for someone would be a great gift idea I got these beautiful floral plates last summer from Matalan as a set and we have been inseparable since, more than likely they are out of stock so another place I would recommend for purchasing is Anthropologie.

Another item I would so get for someone after purchasing a few of them in the sale is a canvas or wall quote and you can find these in so many places. My favourite shop to purchase from is hands down Card Factory but I do get a few canvas's from Argos also and if your really on a budget their are printables online on etsy that you can just print out and add to a frame.

Lastly some other gift choices include a nice book in a topic that that person would love whether its fashion, cooking, beauty the choices are endless. Also a potted plant, a table mirror, trinket tray, jewellery boxes and perfumes. 

So that's it for all my home and lifestyle suggestions. Please leave a comment to let me know if you found this guide helpful or if you have any suggestions also.

Thank you for reading!

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