Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Brand Focus: My Becca Collection

So for today's brand focus I'd like to talk about a beauty brand I have been recently trying more from. Even the name Becca sounds so classy, I remember my first purchase the Apres Ski Palette and I literally felt like I made a high end purchase when it arrived at my house, the packaging quality is just so glam and the palette has weight to it.
Since this purchase I have had the chance to try other products from Becca so I will talk about what I have in my collection plus the items I love and the ones that I am a bit on the fence about.
Since where on the topic of the Becca Apres ski palette  I know that becca aren't necessarily known for their palettes and I have had this for some time now. I have a huge collection and this was more of an impulse buy based on the fact that its absolutely beautiful. Most of the shadows in the palette are shimmers but their not extremely pigmented shimmers so I think they are great for a natual glow to the lid that typy of dewy no makeup look.
Also some youtubers have even said that the shimmers have a similar consistency to the becca shimmering skin perfectors the powdered ones.  I've personally never tried them so I cant really agree or not agree. I think that its great for a more toned down look or you can pair it with other palettes to achieve what you want if you want something a bit bold. Becca has made more paletes since then so  I am keen to know if they are different.
So on to the Highighters, I  currently have 3 highlighters I bought my first one during the wedding of prince harry and megan its called royal glow while others were buying engraved pennys I bought makeup for my keepsake its a win win haha. I've slightly been scared to use it because its so pretty and it was a limited edition. I guess since I am a big fan of the cute couple I'm not trying to tarnish that beautiful crown print.  The next highlighter I purchased was on sale and it was the prosecco pop highlighter, its the most pigmented out of all of the highlighters that I own but it is just as beautiful. My most recent purchase is the glow on the go set  in the shade opal it coms with a small compact of the becca small highlighter + a small bottle of the shimmering skin perfector. 
I'm going to be totally honest out of all the highlighters opal appealed to me the least  along with a few others that's why I bought the small set to give it a try because I needed a highlighter for travel. However I am prepared to eat my words because since I got this its been a staple in my bag its just a perfect glow not to bling and not to natural just perfect. In fact all of the highlighters I own are quite differenct prosecco pop is more of a pigmented highiter and royal glow is more dewy and natural. In fact I am obsessed with thr opal skin shimmering perfector for that reason its just dewy but its more of a wet dewy look I am OBSESSED. I Just need this glo on the go set in full sizes. I see why becca is known for their highlighters I just need dreamsicle to come to the UK its another highlighter that I cant wait to try.


Out of all of Becca's products I've  got to say the foundation left me feeling the most excited. My only criticizm is the shade range is quite limited. I ended up getting this colour Tobacco because it was the only colour left and it had been that way for a while and they had discounted it to quite cheap on qvcuk at the time. To be frank I was a bit suspicious that it might be too light for me but I took the risk any way. Firstly the foundation is full coverage like extremely full coverage the most I've come close to that is the freshly open colourpop concealer and its more thick than that. Also you have to blend it in quickly and a little goes a long way. The colour match isn't great especially when you apply it first I was scared to leave my house I had to contour and I was even tempted to darken it with another foundation. However, it does oxidise and it looks alot better throughout the day. I would describe it as a foundation and concealer in one because I hardly had to add concealer you couldn't see a thing. Its called the ultimate coverage complexion creme for a reason. I am going to attempt to use this as an under eye concealer with my normal foundation because its that thick and its lighter so it will brighten as well. So apart from the limited shade range I don't have alot of complaints.


So thats it for  my little Becca collection hopefully it will grow some more because I do love this brand. If you do like post like this please leave a comment below. Also be sure to follow my blog and social media handles because I will be posting some gift guides soon.

Thank you for reading.


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