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Bodysuit Lovin with Boohoo| 3 Ways to dress for transitional weather

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to be working alongside Boohoo to bring you 3 ways to dress for this transitional weather we've been having in London. I'm sure most of you wake up thinking what on earth do I wear today, for instance when I wear a jumper the weather is sunny and hot and when I wear a nice light summer dress the weather is freezing or raining I just cant win. Or some days you might have a mix of temperature's to the point you end up getting the flu like I did. Well I'm going to share with you some tips on how I've been handling this weather changes recently. Catching the flu and being away ill for a bit was a pretty rude awakening that I need to be prepared no matter what the weather throws at me.

So above I have paired this stunning snakeskin body suit with these quiz trousers and some new look heels. On the topic of bodysuits I own only one because when bodysuits first came on the scene there were just mostly shirts that looked like they were tucked into your trousers or some form of underwear like lingerie or cami vest but I was excited they were coming back I owned a few in my childhood #memories.. So I only own one that's a cami top and now this one. I practically live on boohoo's site their one of my favourite brands and I don't know why it took this post for me to notice the amazing variety of classy bodysuits they have.So the first tip on how to dress in transitional weather is to wear a transitional outfit.


Transitional outfits are outfits that are great for when its cold or really hot.  *Other forms of transitional pieces are white jeans, jumpsuits, bodysuits and culottes.  If it's slightly colder or warm you would still blend in to society and avoid those stares (that didn't you check the weather stare that I've been getting on the train and at work) you know the one I'm talking about.  The bodysuit I've chosen to wear in the post has long sleeves but its still so breathable I wore this when it was pretty warm and for those extremely colder days it brings me to my next tip.


I absolutely love layering my outfits, I started layering my clothes more last year in Autumn and its just been a way of life since the weather has started changing. So some of the ways I layer is putting a white shirt under a cami vest or a cami dress. I sometimes layer with jumpers I would wear a black cardigan over the bodysuit in this post for instance and I do that with most of the tops I wear because the mornings are really cold and by the time it hits about 12 o clock is like 23 degree's and I am usually  sweating buckets. I also take a pretty big bag with me to fold my jumper and put it in and I have been taking a pair of tights with me also just in case. 

                       WEARING A SPRING COAT

I must confess that I've learned this tip from my work colleague she's been wearing a burnt orange coloured trench coat to work and whether their is a chill in the air or its extremely hot she looks like she is dressed for the weather. You don't have to wear a brightly coloured coat if its not your thanggg but a light coat is great because you can wear a thicker top underneath and still be warm if its too cold and if its warmer the fact that the coat is a lighter coat it gives the illusion you are dressed for the weather. But when I'm not sure I layer with a t-shirt a light jumper and a spring coat so if it does get warm I'm leaving work in my t-shirt and coat and I don't have to hold my coat in my hands, I just hate having to do that personally.

So these are the ways I have been coping with this mix bag of weather we've been having. So now I've shared with you my tips you can look through your closet and look at all the pieces that you have that are great for transitioning and plan your outfits for the week ahead because the weather is still changing at the minute. I hope you found this post helpful and I wanted to thank boohoo for working with me on this fun post. Be sure to check out their body suits I literally have 5 I narrowed down on in my wishlist because they have so many beautiful ones and I purchased a leopard print one because animal print is so in and I am loving it. But I am obsessed with this one I've been dressing it up like I did in this post and dressing it down with black jeans and trainers or boots. Or when I want to be really boujee I wear some white jeans and some strappy heels. Going to end the post here before I end up shopping tonight.

Until next time Lovely's
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  1. You look amazing! I love the bodysuit and I am all for layering!

  2. I love layering - it gives so many options when the weather turns warm or cold! A trench coat is a great idea

  3. I love the way you have layered. And you look so pretty. And it also made me realize that i have become fat.

  4. I love layering and with how the weather is where I live right now I really need to do this (it feels like winter in the morning but the dead of summer by afternoon haha). Your outfit is way cute too!

  5. I love bodysuits, they are great for transitioning and the layered look you are wearing rocks!

  6. Your outfit is 100% chic and fabulous! I LOVE the snake-print blouse!!!

  7. You look fab and I love your pictures !
    Great style too !

  8. First off, I need that bodysuit in my life! I am a fan of layering, I work in an environment where I am in different locations for meetings so I always need to have a blazer or cardigan. We do not need the heavier coats in Texas but you look fabulous with it!

  9. Girl, you are on fire! i love the look of that snakeskin bodysuit. Layering is perfect for this time of year where I live since it's chilly in the mornings/evenings but still ends up being 90ish degrees throughout the day.

  10. OMG, you look so fabulous and gorgeous. You are outfit is such a perfect pair.

  11. Wow! You look gorgeous. I love your outfit as well as the accessories. I too like layering my outfits and being innovative with the combinations.

  12. Congratulations on getting the collab. You look great!

    Carly xx //

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