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Your not Lost your Born to Run| Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review+ Swatches

 Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review

So this palette has been one of the most recently hyped up palettes but because there are so many other launches at the same time I've got to say its not overly hyped up with the ABH Norvina Palette along with many others its like a very consistence subtle hype. I'll explain overly hype means you got to get it now no matter what you need to own this and everyone and their grandmother is saying amazing. A subtle hype means for the most part all of the reviews I have been watching or reading have been quite good but it's not popping up in my IG feed every time I scroll down like the Naked Heat or Soft Glam.

In fact there is one youtuber that I go to because no matter what she will tell you the truth her name is Total Makeup Junkie, after watching her review alongside other reasons I decided to get this palette.

Firstly I, have to say that I love the packaging it is not only beautiful and makes me want to go backpacking in Bali, it is also sturdy and it seems like great quality. Also the palette has some weight to it and it seems like it has a nice magnetic closure.

Ok so now we've talked about the obvious lets talk about the quality of the palette. This palette has 21 shadows its for the most part mattes because there's just 9 shimmers and the rest are mattes. I'm personally happy with that because I prefer matte shadows more. However, these shimmers are slowly changing my mind because they are buttery and they are extremely pigmented, while swatching I was getting so excited about creating so many looks. Also this palette is kind of all you need for any skin shade you've got a matte black, so many crease shades from light to dark beige. You've even got 2 browns I think this palette is not only the only thing you need to travel with but if are a MUA you've got all you need no matter which client you are working with.

Another thing I love is the square pans the long rectangle pans in my Naked Heat slightly get on my nerves a bit because I am use to a square or circle pan and it's just easier to navigate, despite the Naked Heat is still my Bae and will be for a longggg time.

 Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review

So I've done some swatches of the palette and they are not in order I got distracted with the colours I liked a lot so the first set of swatches are colours I loved with the addition of Stranded that is a pretty sheen like goldie champagne shimmer..... it is really pretty. Drift and Radio are also very unique shades and they are super-pigmented also. The photo doesn't do these shades justice in fact the photo's make the shimmers look less pigmented and that's not the case. I will post some finger swatches on my Instastories and highlight it in my makeup so you can see some swatches live.

I might do a comparison of the MakeupbySheyla Colourpop Palette and this palette on my Instagram  because I think they have a few similarities but I think both palettes are different maybe I will change my mind after fully comparing. I think that this palette has some unique shimmers in it, even Smog and Wanderlust are really interesting colours and you can create endless looks.

 Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review

Also my least favourite colours are extremely good quality their only my least favourites because I've got similar colours in other palettes and theur like your basic shades and I am not daring enough to use colours like blue sky and radio, might need to watch some tutorials. I swatched every colour except for Breakway the first one, it's like an extremely light beige which is more of a highlight colour that most people are familar with.

So the questions are do I recommend this palette and the answer is a big fat YES I really do.Do I think it is quality? Yes...of course you do get fall out its not a crazy amount and that's to be expected because its extremely pigmented and buttery which I love. I'm sure I will be reaching for this a lot and I think if Urban Decay keeps creating palettes that are great for everyone they will have palettes that are in high demand. 
I can see this palette being advertised a lot but its not hyped up and I don't get why not it's stunning. I really thought I wouldn't like any UD palette apart from my Naked Heat boy was I wrong.

 Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review

       Have you purchased the Born to Run Palette? What's your favourite palette?
Where have you gone on vacation this year or planning to go to?

Your not Lost your Born to Run

 Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review


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  1. Those shades do look really lovely. I would have thought they would be more hyped up too!



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