Monday, 13 August 2018

Your not Lost your Born to Run| Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review+ Swatches

 Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review

So this palette has been one of the most recently hyped up palettes but because there are so many other launches at the same time I've got to say its not overly hyped up with the ABH Norvina Palette along with many others its like a very consistence subtle hype. I'll explain overly hype means you got to get it now no matter what you need to own this and everyone and their grandmother is saying amazing. A subtle hype means for the most part all of the reviews I have been watching or reading have been quite good but it's not popping up in my IG feed every time I scroll down like the Naked Heat or Soft Glam.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Making My Office Space beautiful with Caseapp| Personalising my Mobile and Laptop

Dull, Lifeless, Boring are some of the words I use to describe my laptop and my mobile and if you can relate then Caseapp is for you. With caseapp* you have the option to choose between their extensive range of designs or you can create a personalise design for your laptop or mobile phone. I decided to choose this stunning design since its so cute summer is nearly ending so its more fall themed and it just gets me motivated to get some work done. What I love about caseapp is that it is so easy to select which design you'd like scratch that you will be so spoilt for choice there is literally something for everyone and there are so many designs.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

3 to try from Wonderland Makeup

So wonderland makeup is a brand that I didn't hear about before trying their products that's why I was pleasantly happy to be given the opportunity to try some of their products. I think its nice trying products that you've never heard of because there could be some real gems out their. 
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