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New Looks Boxy Shirt and why I wished I owned them all+ My thoughts on Inclusivity

New Look Boxy Shirt

Ohh where do I start.. I think I am obsessed with New Looks Boxy Shirt, like where has this shirt been all my life. I am a big fan of New Look anyway but this clothing piece is just perfect for everyone no matter your shape, size, skin colour its just so flattering and its just the most inclusive clothing so far for 2018. To be totally honest when I picked up my shirt I was drawn to it by the stripes but after putting it on I really loved the cut of it and how it just looked so easy and effortless. It's just your ultimate lazy girl clothing piece because you don't need much when wearing it.

Since purchasing it I've seen countless bloggers and friends and family where it in fact my co-worker who is totally different from me skin tone, body shape ect wore the exact top and it looked amazing on her. I find that this top is so inclusive no matter who wears it. I also purchased a floral one and I want to get some of the other colours because its so versatile you can tuck it in your skirt/ trousers or just wear it the way I did. Also another aspect I love about this top is that I can eat as much as I want and  you wouldn't be able to see my food tummy or if you have love handles or anything its just a full proof top.

Does Inclusivity Exsist?

Since where on the topic of clothing that's more inclusive I wanted to also talk about how the fashion and beauty industry have shifted into becoming more inclusive also ( well some brands have). For instance I saw on Asos a model that had stretchmarks they didn't edit it out because that's just not reality and on H&M I saw models with canerows, afro's and even models with freckles I literally jumped for joy because I am for it. I am more likely to buy clothes when I feel like I can relate to the model in some way it's good to look at a photp and not feel like my hips are too big or my skin isn't perfect enough because in all honestly that model sometimes doesn't even look like the photo. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying for every magazine to just post models looking their worst so they can be relateable because we all use a bit of facetune, photoshop and edit things here and there if where honest. Most people will seldom post a photo with a big fat red pimple on there forehead and say I love this photo in its entirety and if you do girl DM me.

Another shift in beauty regarding inclusivity is regarding foundations fenty beauty set the trend and everyone followed. I have to admit I don't have a lot of trouble finding my shade but I've got friends that are different skin tones some are pale, some are olive skin, some are caramel and  some are dark chocolate and it must be quite disheartening when everyone is raving about something that you cant even try. Like no amount of contour or highlight will be able to save that foundation I have been there once and you kinda feel like when this brand was thinking about this product they didn't think of me or someone with my complexion.

Even being a blogger I have come across brands that claim to be inclusive but are not also they would skip over a blog because of their numbers despite their content is "Shamazing" and for the bloggers that are reading this don't let an algorithm determine your self worth or make you feel insecure about the quality of your content ( to be continued in another post).

New Look Hallie Jeans

I have also come across brands that only send their products to a particular skin colour hand on heart but I won't be listing any names here but it is so obvious that even Stevie Wonder can see it just saying. We say we live in a world of inclusivity, equality and love but it's just that case on paper. I hate to sound a little like the Martin Luther King I had a dream speech but having a daughter I would love a more inclusive world so that she doesn't have to be insecure about her hair, her body, her skin colour, who her friends are ect  and ect.

I love watching something and the person that is hosting is not your typical pretty or when I meet a manager I can say wow your the manager I love it because it means that the world is moving forward in a positive way and people don't have to botox their way or surgically change themselves to be somebody. Last year I read about two deaths of girls trying to alter themselves one was a butt implant and the other I can't remember but honestly I cant believe this is how far things are going. My husband looks at my daughter nearly everyday and says to her your beautiful, your hair is beautiful  and he says to me he does that because he doesn't want anyone telling her otherwise and for her to believe that she has to change her self to please one persons opinion of what is beautiful. Those two girls that died were someones daughters and it really breaks my heart.

I've been a victim of body shaming and most people have men and women and if you are a person that is into that kind of thing you need to change because what is a joke to you could really change an alter someone else's life so negatively. It doesn't hurt or cost you anything to be kind and positive and if you are just a rare species that cant be positive then simply keep your negative thoughts to yourself not everything deserves a comment. Twitter has a lot of this going on I personally haven't come across it, I have had one incident on Instagram and it was a report and block type of situation which got their account taken down so you don't need to tolerate it online or offline.

New Look Stripe Boxy Shirt

I don't usually talk about these type of topics on my blog but what type of blogger would I be if I don't talk about the topics I am passionate about I will resume back to the skincare, peonies and lipstick very soon but sometimes we need to deal with the pink elephant in the room. I found my self tempted the other day to edit my freckles and birth mark out of a photo and I was like holdddd up this thing is slowly beginning to affect me, until I saw H&M's page and ASOS and I was like forget it take me as I am or don't take me at all quoting words from the greatest showman This is me and I'm going to own it and I think you should do the same.

My outfit was paired with some Hallie Jeans from New Look I practically live in them their my fave and I am wearing the most comfortable Heels I have ever worn from Vionic Shoes they actually feel like I am wearing flats you can check out their entire shoe range on Vionic Shoes Website. They've got a pair of Gucci Dupes on their also in 3 different colours and I am obsessed.

What are your thoughts on inclusivity? Do you own a boxy shirt? Have you ever felt excluded, bodyshamed or just left out. Leave a comment below I would love to know.

You are beautiful, you are loved don't let anyone tear you down by telling you otherwise.

 Sending you Light and Love

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  1. Taslyn this post was amazing! I love how brands are becoming more inclusive and not editing their photos to the extreme. Everyone wants to look their best but when you start altering yourself or photos to look like a different person that's when it gets out of hand! I also feel you with the struggle to find makeup shades that work with your skin tone. I'm normally a medium to tan shade but sometimes brands don't offer that option! I've seen brands only offer light to medium shades of BB cream or concealer! I mean come on now! We come in all different shades!


  2. This was powerful and amazing. Not what I thought coming into it. Fantastic work. I love your words and hope that things become better.

  3. You look lovely in that top!!I don't see a lot in that style and I can see how it would work well for many different body awesome! I totally agree about being inclusive and I try every day to make my son into a tolerant, friendly and inclusive human being!!

  4. So very true with brands and exclusivity of who they send products to! You’ve definitely touched on a serious topic here!
    Nonetheless, I love boxy tips and have a few that I purchased from forever21!

  5. YES for inclusivity. The world has become such a boring place because we've been systematically programmed to think a certain look is the right thing, when we're all so special and unique in our own ways. It's about time we start celebrating that

  6. The vast majority of brands have a long way to go when it comes to inclusivity, but it's good to see some are taking steps in the direction. Loving that shirt.

  7. I don't have a boxy shirt but I think they are very cute. I haven't been directly affected by body shame but I do know people who always talk about their bodies in a negative way. It's very uncomfortable to be around people who shame themselves.

  8. This is so lovely! How I wish I was as talented and could pull off such a look. I love this outfit it fits together really well.

  9. that shirt looks so lightweight and comfy! perfect for a very hot summer day!

  10. Body shaming is pretty common around the world and this is not just towards races, it's towards sizes too. I am glad you are putting this out there and talking about this issue. The more we talk about it, the more awareness we generate!

  11. I really like these type of shirts, I find them cool in the summer but flattering for a curvy figure. You look great!

  12. They sure look comfy and chic. I love stripes in everything.


  13. You are very wise, young bloggers especially should read it. Love your style, casual chic, it is very similar to mine. Beautiful quality and photos.

  14. That outfit is absolutely chic! I love the style of the blouse!


  15. This top is adorable! I'll have to head to New Look to check out the different patterns and stuff. I also agree that it is so important to encourage an inclusive outlook within the fashion industry, it not only marginalises individuals if they do not feel represented but it also makes everything super samey and boring- and who on earth wants that? Great post.

    Lulu Xx |

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