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Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review+ Wear Test|And other Recently Launched Makeup

Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review
So who's excited! I know I have been personally waiting for Colourpop to come out with a foundation since their no filter concealer. That concealer has been my holy grail and I am on my 3rd bottle and planning to buy loads more to keep in my drawer since it doesn't last long at all for me. The great thing about the concealer is that the coverage is so good a lot of people were using it in the place of foundation also.

So the colourpop foundation is here and it took me ages to pick a colour because I just didn't want to get the shade wrong, its not like I could return it. Luckily my friend showed me a shade matching description on colourpop because if the foundations are anything like the concealers I couldn't follow the images on the website at all. So the foundation colour I am just in case anyone else is similar to me is 175, if I didn't find that matching list I would have gone with 165 or 160 that's how off the images are. But the list colourpop put up said if your a 410 in fenty and another shade which was my exact shade then go for this and right away I knew this was my perfect match. My only concern would be for the person that doesn't know their shade match in other foundations how are they going to get the correct shade, but knowing Colourpop that's something they will most likely correct later on.


So this foundation comes in ALOT of shades I believe 42 to be exact and they range from fair to deep dark that aspect alone is reason for me to stand up and give Colourpop a massive applause because that right their isn't easy and it shows how they are inclusive of every skin tone. However, to be honest I had a feeling foundations were coming when they suddenly extended the colours of the concealers, I think that was perfect practice for them to create an extensive foundation range.

So I have majority dry skin with an oily tzone and when I applied this to my face it didn't seem like full coverage but it blended in quite well in the end. The other thing I noticed is that it set really matte and on a normal day I love a dewy look but the hot weather in the UK has caused me to appreciate matte foundation all over again because anything else just melts off.

Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review

So the wear test...I ended up wearing this foundation to work on one of the hottest days so when I got to work I did notice some weird patchy bits around my mouth but it was easily corrected with the No Filter Setting Powder which I also purchased. When I did get into the office it wasn't as hot and when I checked my face around 6 hrs later to my surprise the foundation was still intact it did fade in some areas but for the most part it still looked alright. And I cant be completely mad at it considering the temperature's we've been having. Also I have to say that when taking off my makeup I still had on foundation so all the sweat and heat didn't wash it off.

Since we spoke about the setting powder. I got the colour Deep Dark and I am so happy to have another setting powder especially since I have hit pan on my sleek one and I wanted to see what else was out there. The setting powder is nice its not too dark and it worked really well when my makeup started falling apart in some area's. Overall I am happy with both the foundation for the fact that it is £9 when converted the quality is really good and the way it looks on my face is very different to all the foundations I own and I am racking up quite a collection. I might share with you a post on the ones I own.Also the setting powder is lovely it doesn't seem like it comes up on the brush because you don't see a lot of kick up but it does the job.


Ok this is what happened, a certain instagrammmer bought the vault and did all the swatches and suddenly my world stopped and I needed to get some more of these lux lipsticks. I loved their creme formula so I am curious to see how I get on with their matte formula especially since I use to be a matte girl before trying their creme formula gosh these lipsticks are amazing. You can read more about them in my other Colourpop Post along with swatches Link Here. I will do some swatches on the gram or on my instastories but there will be swatches of these coming at some point. I got the colours Moneymoves, Paparazzi and Little league and it was hard narrowing down I had 6 lipsticks in my basket but my budget said no and I was heart broken... in that exact order.

Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review


Ok I know another warm palette but I literally told myself that this is a different one.  I personally love the packaging on this palette I practically own nearly all the colourpop palettes and the packaging on this one has been stepped up quite a bit. 

Also I love the formula in the palette and I personally think you can get a lot of looks out of this the first two rows in my opinion are quite cool toned and the last two rows are more warm. It has a black called strike it and there's like 3 colours at the top that make great base shades for different skin types. It has a mixture of shimmer and mattes and in my opinion this is just a complete palette and would be great for travelling with especially since alot of high end brands these days have palettes where you cant do a complete look or multiple looks. This baby is Everything!

Lux Lipsticks Review

So that's it for my review of the foundation and the other new colourpop products. I have a post coming up comparing the Matte Lipsticks and the Creme Formula which one is my favourite ect and if you want I can do an updated review after using the Colourpop Foundation a bit more. Colourpop can be purchased on the site and shipped across the pond to you if your the UK and they ship to most other countries. Shipping can be quite expensive but I got a buddy that is as obsessed with Colourpop just as much if not more than I am so we purchase together and split it so that could make it easier for you.

Leave a comment below letting me know if you've tried Colourpop. What are your favourite products? Have you tried the foundation? If you would like the colour-matcher I used to find my perfect shade feel free to send me a message.

Thank you for Reading

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