Monday, 9 July 2018

New Looks Boxy Shirt and why I wished I owned them all+ My thoughts on Inclusivity

New Look Boxy Shirt

Ohh where do I start.. I think I am obsessed with New Looks Boxy Shirt, like where has this shirt been all my life. I am a big fan of New Look anyway but this clothing piece is just perfect for everyone no matter your shape, size, skin colour its just so flattering and its just the most inclusive clothing so far for 2018. To be totally honest when I picked up my shirt I was drawn to it by the stripes but after putting it on I really loved the cut of it and how it just looked so easy and effortless. It's just your ultimate lazy girl clothing piece because you don't need much when wearing it.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review+ Wear Test|And other Recently Launched Makeup

Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review
So who's excited! I know I have been personally waiting for Colourpop to come out with a foundation since their no filter concealer. That concealer has been my holy grail and I am on my 3rd bottle and planning to buy loads more to keep in my drawer since it doesn't last long at all for me. The great thing about the concealer is that the coverage is so good a lot of people were using it in the place of foundation also.


Monday, 2 July 2018

Testing Revolution Pro: Part 1

So Revolution Pro landed a while ago and I bought quite a lot of things. In fact makeup revolution has been launching quite a lot of their new products every week which is so similar to the way Colourpop does their marketing.

I ended up dividing this post into two because I didn't want an extremely long post I am really trying to find a balance between posting the extremely long indept reviews and the short straight to the point ones.

So lets jump into it...

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