Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Some Recent Launches from Colourpop: Lux Lipsticks, In Nude-endo and more

Colourpop oh how I love you! I have been purchasing colourpop so much this year its slowly becoming an obsession and the recent launches aren't helping haha!. But honestly in terms of highstreet brands colourpop and makeup revolution are probably the brands I purchase from the most, like the majority of my coins when it comes to makeup goes to these two brands and they are used the most as well so yes guys the love is real.

So these launches aren't extremely recent because there has been other launches since, a lot of which I want like now but yahh. So here's a run down on what I got along with a little chat on what new launches I hope to get.


This palette launched at the same time as the other palette I purchased and I just needed to have it, this palette has all my type of shades in it and I just knew I would get a lot of use out of it. The Give it to me straight palette just screams spring and summer but in a pretty in pink sort of way if you get what I mean. When you look at the palette it doesn't look as deep and warm but when swatched the pigment is surely there which is no surprise why it sold out after multiple reviews starting surfacing. I'm not even a glitter or shimmer fan but after using the I think I love you palette boy I have changed and the shimmers in this are so beautiful. Lastly the obvious yet most exciting thing I have got to mention is that this is the first colourpop palette to come with the names actually on the palette, yes finally! I won't say whether its my favourite just yet because I own a lot of the colourpop palettes now and I am planning to let you know in which order I like which ones soon so subscribe to my blog so you wont miss that post. If you want swatches and close up of this palette feel free to leave a comment down below letting me know and I will make it happen.


There was so much hype over the launch of these lipsticks and myself being a total lipstick junkie was with everyone else watching the timer for the launch of these babies I was so fortunate that they launched the same time as the palettes so I could purchase them all. I later wanted to purchase other shades but everything got sold out so fast I was lucky to even get the colours that I got. I ended up getting the colours still crazy, ghosted, la lady and lay over. 

Still Crazy- is a mauvy pink and anyone who knows me know that I love a mauvy pink.

LA Lady- Oh my goodness this colour is stunning its nothing like I own its described as a rosy terracotta and its just that so feminine and beautiful no wonder its still sold out.

Ghosted- this is a mid rose colour and it really surprised me because it is deeper than I expected and yet in a pink sort of way I didn't realise I was buying so much rosey, pinky colours ahhh but its still beautiful.

Lay Over- this is another rosy colour but on the beige side. I personally think it looks like a browny nude with a tinch of pink depending on your skin-tone and with that said it is safe to say that I have a type.

In terms of packaging the outside packaging is beautiful and elegant I absolutely love it and I find the inside packaging and the stars to look really cute. The formula is creamy like hella creamy and they feel different to me but that's because I am for the most part a matte girl but I honestly like the feel of them, some people say they are a cheaper version to the CT lipsticks but I've never tried them so I wouldn't know haha!.

My only regret is not buying on display and foolish, because I kept telling myself that I don't need another red and foolish wouldn't suit me but boy was I foolish I am just waiting for colourpop to restock them because I have changed my mind having seen a few reviews. See all the colour swatches down below!


This Palette is EVERYTHING! I actually wanted this the most as soon as I saw it and I made up in my mind that even if I didn't get anything I needed this and to be totally honest I have been using this a lot and I am obsessed. Just like the give it to me straight palette this palette has all the names on the actual palette. Most of the shades actually suit my skin tone because its not an extremely blinding highlight its like an inner glow but its beautiful. I've been posting this highlighter so much on my Instagram because the packaging is beautiful.  The 4 darker colours on the right are stunning and I am so happy that these are not glittery I don't like glittery highlighters so this is an absolute winner for me personally. My favourite colours at the moment are losing sleep and on the loose I use these a lot and because losing sleep is darker its slightly like a bronzer. I overall love this palette its $18 and a bit more than what I have payed for when its comes to colourpop purchases but its so worth it. I even had to post a photo of it on its own because its truly stunning in formula and how it looks.

So that's it for my colourpop haul for some of their recent launches I currently have my eyes on the Shayla collection and the matte lux lippies, Shayla collection because its Shayla and just look at it and matte lux lipsticks because I love love love a matte lip. Check out Colourpops Website to see all the products mentioned in today's post. Colourpop if you gave free shipping to the UK I think I would own everythangggg!  But that's it for the review let me know if you want me to swatch anything and do any indept reviews .
Whats your favourite colourpop product? 



  1. Those lispticks are seriously gorgeous! x

  2. Colourpop seems like a lovely brand, the pigments in the products look really good and I love their packaging too!

  3. Creamy and matte are my two favorite words. The moment I loaded this page I just knew that I'm gonna get some new palettes and lippies!

  4. Wow I love those colors. They are each so beautiful.


  5. Color pop always has some amazing products out there! I am loving all the lippies, so pretty.

  6. I also love Colour Pop! Those lipsticks look absolutely fantastic, I've got my eyes set on the colour Ghosted!

  7. Nice colours over there! I've never heard of this brand, so this will be something I look out for when I travel! The colours are very suitable for everyday use!

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