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Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Range| A Burst of Brighter Skin

So I entitled this post first the benefits of Vitamin C in skincare because I am such a big fan of skincare that contains Vitamin C. There are so many benefits of vitamin C to the skin from brightening, to anti-ageing benefits, evening out your skin tone and keeping your skin looking more youthful and who doesn't want to keep looking youthful ( both hands up for youthfulness all day everyday).

So now that we have discussed why you need to have vitamin C in your skincare regimen I wanted to talk about some products I have been using for a while. Honestly I have been loving using them so much I forgot to post on them if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen them a lot and your probably well clued up as to which ones are my favourites.

I practically have the entire range apart from the serum and the daily moisturiser because I am one of those people that if I've got 4 out of a set that's 5 I need to have the other two so I am picking them up  on the weekend since boots is doing them on offer. Totally random but I  also despise uneven numbers such as bank balances, special occasions  I am just one of those people( Cover eyes) for more random weird thoughts head over to my twitter.
So I have trialled these for quite sometime, I cant even call it a trial anymore because some of these products are practically staples in my skincare regimen.

So the products I used from the Vitamin C+ Brighten Range are the Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash, Skin Renew Cleansing Oil, Dark Circles Eye Cream and the Sleep and Reveal Night Cream.

Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash RRP £9.99- I remember opening this on a Saturday morning it was like running through an orange field I danced while applying it and no this isn't a scene from the sound of music I actually love the citrus sweet smell of this polish wash. Also I've got to say its really gentle and non abrasive or rough on the skin.It cleansed my skin without leaving it dry. 

Skin Renewing Cleansing Oil RRP £10.99* - I am floored by this, in terms of cleansing oils this was probably the first one I tried and it spurred on an obsession. I applied this to my face and it turned into a milky consistency it removed all my makeup and it left my face feeling like a baby's skin. It is infused with Vitamin C and nourishing Olive, Grapeseed and Rosehip oils, boosted with Rosemary oil, Vitamin E and soothing Cucumber oil. I will let you know how much I love this, if I was stuck on an island and I had to choose 5 skincare items this will be in my bag for sure hands down.

Dark Circles Eye Cream RRP £12.99- I'll be totally honest I tried an eye cream before and I hated it so much its going to be in my upcoming empty's post because I couldn't wait to finish it. I made it my mission to use it up so much so that I used too much at one time and it burnt my eyes and it was just a mess. I even tried another reputable brand and saw little or no results that one we will keep a secret unless of course if you DM on Instagram or Twitter to find out. But this eye cream shocked me because it is so good I saw results quite quickly and it wasn't like the other eye creams I used where I was wondering is it working is it not working, is it me. No offence when saying this but when a drugstore skincare is better than not one but two similar high end skincare products that's enough to cause me to check out what else this brand has to offer. I've been using this in small amounts because I am not ready for it to finish yet and I use it on special occasions but I might have to buy a couple tubes next time because it is amazing

Sleep and Reveal Night Cream RRP  £16.99-  I liked sleeping with this on the scent is so relaxing I am just so paranoid when it comes to night creams when it comes to break outs that I didn't use it a lot but when I did use it I didn't get any breakouts and my skin looked less dull. I think I am going to challenge my self to use a night cream for a few weeks straight and let you know the results over on my Instagram page I own just one other night cream apart from this one. In terms of quality its a lovely cream not heavy on the face or sticky.

So I would just like to thank Super Facialist for sending these products over after reviewing these you have a long term customer because this overall range did not disappoint I cant wait to try the other ranges from this brand. You can purchase Super Facialist in Boots  in fact there's an offer going on. I even saw super facialist in Sainsbury's Supermarket and nearly forgot about my groceries I was so surprised so you can look for them their to.

Have you tried Super Facialist? 
What do you recommend from their product line?



  1. I have heard that Vitamin C has much positive impact on our skin and it's flawless nature.But it was not known to me that there are some Vitamin C beauty products also. Thank you for sharing such informative article, it is going to be helpful for me..☺

  2. I am happy to hear you got on well with these products, they look really great and I love the packaging! I like the look of the dark circle eye cream!

  3. I agree with you! Vitamin C has lots of good benefits. I'm currently using a serum from a Korean brand that contains the highest concentration of vitamin C in the market and I love it!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try vitamin C to brighten my skin! I’ll have to look into purchasing this product.

  5. These are some great products to use. and I totally agree with you about the good benefits of Vitamin C to our health and skin.

  6. O wow that is very generous of the company and they sound like great products!

  7. These products sound amazing. I may have to give them a try.
    Xx, Nailil

  8. Okay, I need the dark circle cream! These products sound so amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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