Tuesday, 10 April 2018

5 Things I am looking forward to the most when it comes to Spring.

Well hello there! I am beginning to enjoy spring now since it beginning to get warmer and I have so many random things that I am excited about. I don't know about you but I found this winter extremely difficult not sure if its due to the fact that I commute to work now so it kinda felt like I was experiencing winter for the first time.

So with that said I wanted to mention what I am mostly looking forward to when it comes to spring now that its in full swing, some things are beauty related, lifestyle related and even ordinary human related.

So lets dive in...


I have been looking at so many spring/ summer makeup launches and I have been excited for a few up and coming ones. Urban Decay and Colourpop are two brands that come to mind that have been launching very colourful vibrant summer/spring related products. In terms of makeup I am even excited about experimenting with some different shades than what I usually gravitate to bright pink, coral lips, yellow eyeshadow. I am telling myself to feel the fear when it comes to bright colours and use them anyway.


Gosh! I've been bulking around like an eskimo in my coat so much and its just so unflattering but I guess I had no choice if I didn't want to get ill. Recently I have been wearing more lighter coats to work and trenches and I have been loving it. The weather is still up and down but once its clear sunny sky's the lighter and even brighter coats are here to stay.


I have been planning to purchase more fresh flowers and replace them from time to time. I bought a vase and I am loving the feel they bring to my home so I am definitely going to be investing in different pretty bouquets over the spring and summer months.


I've already been wearing a few floral dresses but I look forward to wearing other dresses once it gets warmer which are more bright and floaty. I love floral patterns and I probably look forward to wearing floral clothes the most once it gets brighter.


Despite I have been making it work when it comes to the lighting and taking my photo's the difference between taking my photo's in the spring and summer months are drastically different. In the winter months I have a lot more bad photo's than good in a photo session in the summer the photo's turn out so well that its so hard to choose from the bunch which is a better problem to have. I find colours in what I am photographing just pop better during this time its not too overly bright that I have issues with shadows or over saturation and its not too dark that it affects the photo quality.


This was the first time I have taken photo's in the cold I knew a lot of bloggers did it but gosh its hard work. I have new found respect for every model or blogger that has stood in those freezing minus temperature just to create bomb content for their readers or audience because as pretty as it looks it isn't easy at all. After my first experience I cant wait to do some more photo's in the spring and summer months where I can just think happy thought's and focus a bit more on what I'm doing instead of telling myself it's not as cold as it feels when it really is.

So that's all the thing's I am probably looking forward to the most in spring, of course their are other things like planning vacation, brunch ect. What do you look forward to the most now its getting warmer?

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  1. Flowers, makeup and floral clothes.. I’m with you there! Those are the things I’m looking forward too. I much prefer autumn but spring has some pretty good things about it too

  2. Me too! Can't wait to full move on spring mood and nature. Can't wait for flowers! I started wearing flowers everywhere in clothes and feel like it pushes me to keep a closer look on local greenery.

  3. I look forward to more travelling I guess. I really like your black cat purse. I'm also a fan of floral dresses for the season, I hope you'd cover it some day.

  4. I'm definitely looking forward to the lighter colour makeup of spring, as well as getting to wear bright coloured coats! Looking forward so much to this warmer weather! :)

  5. I enjoy having more daylight and being able to enjoy evening activities without it being so dark. I like the little boost of extra energy that seems to be gained come spring.

  6. I love spring. it's one of my favourite seasons next to Autumn. I love the fashion trends around this time too and i too love the floral dresses.

  7. I say yes to all those things! Less layers and frump, I can't wait to put away my thick winter coat! I am really craving a proper spring but today it looked more like it was Feburary!

  8. I'm a Spring baby and therefore obsessed with bright colors and floral vibes! I loved your outfit and your shoes are killer!

  9. I love the spring for so many of these reasons too! Especially the flowers, the colors, the clothing, and yes - getting more fashion posts done. It rains all winter here, so that has always been such a struggle for me. Yay to spring, it couldn't have come sooner!

  10. I love being able to enjoy even more outings with the family I love the fact that the flowers are beginning to bloom, leaves are appearing on the trees, birds are nesting in the garden etc. Like you, brighter days are so much better for my photography!

  11. Angela Ricardo Bethea13 April 2018 at 03:33

    I really love the color of your sweater perfect for Spring. and I really like the Spring fashion trends now. You look beautiful hun!

  12. I am definitely looking forward to these five things too. Springtime is a lovely season the lighting for photographs, cute clothes and warmer feelings. I really love your cute cat handbag!

  13. Springtime is the best time in the year and I love it. The cute little cat satchel is so adorable! I love your top, too. Beautiful colour

  14. You have mentioned some amazing things to look forward to in spring. I like spring time the most for the floral dresses, the bright flowers and the spring makeup. You look amazing, love your outfit and boots.

  15. That kitty bag is so adorable! I rarely carry small pouches so it's something I will love to try some day!

  16. Love that mustard yellow sweater of yours. For me, I live in Singapore where there is no seasons. Spring, to us, is another hot and humid month :/

  17. Yes, it is so true! I also love spring as it is easier to take pictures with nice sunlight. I love it.


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