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My January and February Favourites: The Beauty Edit

So where in the month of March now and to be totally honest a lot of people have started the month of March on a pretty sour note with all of the snow we've been having over the week. Obviously if your not in the UK you totally cant relate but its affected everything for me personally work, social life, blogging life everything. I guess because I was so excited for spring and I had all these plans in terms of content ect and its literally put me back a bit.

But enough about the weather, today I will be talking about only Beauty related products and its not due to the fact that I didn't like any fashion or lifestyle related products in these months. Its just that I have been trying a lot more beauty products over the months. So I have divided all these things in a bunch of categories and I will briefly say why I've been loving them so much.


Gosh I own a lot of palettes now and sometimes its hard to try a lot of them. If you follow me on Instagram I probably post about palettes more than I post about any other product.

The first palette I am loving and it is being used regularly is the Nip Fab Contour Palette I have used one other palette and I was like I don't understand the purpose of this but the Nip Fab Palette is helping me to keep my contour game strong. Based on your votes on my Twitter a lot of you wanted a Nip Fab Brand Focus and guess what I'm going to give it to you. I am currently working on the post now.

The next palette is this Colourpop You Had me from Hello Palette and I've got to say it doesn't look like much but mannnn this is a pretty palette. The colours are so pigmented and they blend well and its nice to have a mirror on it also which is such a pretty addition. I have been a Colourpop palette obsessed freak since I got this and I am constantly reaching for this palette.

The last palette in my favourites is the Chocolate Orange Palette.. I just cant believe I am saying it but this palette is amazing I have been using this for work so much it has some pretty shades in it and it is so pigmented but its a subtle pretty look. I forgot to post a photo of it open so check out my IG to see a photo of this stunning palette .There's a rosy dark pink in this palette that I have been using on repeat. Another thing I like about this palette is the fact that the orange colour isn't overpowering its quite nice.


Keeping with the theme of things the next products I have been loving are like face products related to makeup. So the first product is a concealer I have been using non- stop I have loved it so much that I have repurchased another one also and I think I will be repurchasing one with every order and its the Colourpop No Filter Concealer.  For a drugstore concealer this is Everything!!!! trust me I cant even!. My dark circles are non existent when I wear this there is no creasing at all. Its really thick so its a lot of work to blend but honestly Colourpop just needs to quit playing games and make a foundation already. I'm in the colour Golden 40 for those who would like to know, this concealer cost $6 that's a little over £4 a total bargain for the quality. 

The next set of products*I have been using are lip related and its been the same lip products on rotation they've been Fleek by Lottie London along with the liner which is such a stunning Nude its a tad bit drying but I love the colour alot, Rome by Nyx is my staple favourite and my go to and lastly which is a Terracotta red from Sephora is their liquid lipstick and honestly this last all day, its so comfortable on the lips also, I scrubbed my teeth with it on, I ate, I drank with it on. I am shook! I just need them all. 

Lastly in terms of face is the Barry M Matte Setting Spray which is a keeper what I love about this isn't even the setting power of it, I just love how it makes my highlighter and any glittery eyeshadow pop. No other setting spray I have used has done this. Love love love!


In terms of skincare I have been obsessed with the Sond Skincare line since they have sent them to me and I don't think that will change anytime soon. Go check out my review on their entire line in this post to see why? Another staple I have loved is the honey mask from anatomical this mask is just amazing I need to stock up its been my go to I wanted to try the others but I'm not sure if my sister moved them to some random place around the house. But the truth is anytime I want my makeup looking glowy, even  and amazing I use this mask first.Gosh this mask is good, let me not say anymore just get it. If you want to read about the other anatomical mask go and read my review on them.

Lastly is a product I stumbled upon after Christmas in the supermarket, yes you read right the Supermarket I'm even being tempted by beauty products in the supermarket. Its the True Shea BodyButter by Treacle Moon. I've seen there products around here and their but I have never heard much about them, this one contains Shea and Cherry  it smells good enough to eat and its super moisturising. I keep it in my bag and whenever anyone ask me if I have any lotion their like oh my this smells amazing.


Lastly, is a few products that didn't make any category but are well loved firat is the Lottie London Contour Brush its just perfect for blending out my contour on my cheek bones and my forehead area.And I have been waiting for spring to come around more so I can use more of the so fragrance perfumes. But randomly I used the scent Fresh Musk and it has literally made its home in my handbag I love it so much. I am looking forward to trying out all the other so fragrances after using this gem. 

Some of the products were purchased from Superdrug such as Lottie London products, Barry M Spray, The Chocolate Orange Palette and the Nip Fab Palette while the other products were purchased from other stores either directly from the brand or otherwise. There's a few product's that were sent from skincare brands for review purposes. However all my thought's are completely my honest opinion.

So that's it for my January and February Favourites's The Beauty Edit.

See any of your favourites or anything you'd like to try.

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  1. The Colourpop palettes are the best, I wish they had free shipping so I could buy a few more! :)


  2. This brush sounds amazing. And I would love to try out that ColorPop already! They seem to have some great products!

  3. I'm not big on make up but I do love checking out skin care products that will help take better care of my skin. I'd love to learn more about Sond Skincare, thanks for the link on that one.

  4. I'm welcome to try these, I'm just a bit sad that there's no near Sephora anywhere here. I'm amazed that you were able to find a gem in a supermarket!

  5. All of these products look absolutely fabulous and anyone would really like using them too. Daisy

  6. I am crushing on these colour palettes. I would love to order some. I have enough brushes but if i didn't I would be getting some now.

  7. I'm always looking for an incredible new palette to try out, and these looks perfect! I can't wait to try the Nip Fab Contour Palette.

  8. Those color palettes look amazing! I have never heard of Sond Skincare before. I'll check it out!

  9. I love beauty posts because they help me discover great new products. I had not heard of a few that you shared so I will be adding them to my shopping list to give them a try.

  10. I am a colorpop fan too! It sounds like you found lots of new things to love in the last few months! :)

  11. These all look like great colors and shades! I bet a contour brush would come in really useful!

  12. I am in love with the Chocolate Orange Palette, too! Loved the picture you posted on IG. :)

  13. I have been obsessed lately with the nude lipsticks as well. I went in to get one and ended up leaving the shop with 3 different one. I love this new matte trend. :)

  14. These are some great products in your favorites picks. I have heard great things about colorpop shadows but never tried them. I would love to check Colourpop You Had me from Hello Palette.

  15. I take ages to finish my products so I hardly change them unless I finished mine. But recently I've taken a liking for palettes as it's pretty fun to play with!

  16. I have heard a lot of good things about Colour Pop. We don't have the brand here though. I hope they ship to Canada!

  17. This is such a great pick... i love all the products.

  18. I think I need to try all of these products especially that Chocolate Orange Palette. I would love to get one for myself!

  19. Such a huge fan of Shea body butter, it always leave my skin feeling so smooth and it smell delicious I havent how ever tried the one by Treacle Moon. I'll have to keep my eyes open for next time I'm at the shops.


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