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How to get your skin glow ready after the winter blues

If your in the U.K your probably preparing or experiencing another snow day. All over social media a lot of people are upset by that because they expected spring to be in full swing especially with the tree's blossoming. So just because winter is a little bit longer than normal it doesn't mean your skin has to suffer because of it. This year I have been really taking care of my skin and hands for the winter because usually it suffer's the most and I just use to neglect it because of the dryness, dullness and the dry patches. So I have teamed up with sk:n to share with you some tips on how to get your skin glow ready after the winter blues and actually during the winter blue's if your experiencing winter where you are currently.

This is a company that I am familiar with especially because I went to a session at one of their clinics. I will talk about that experience in another post for those that are wondering whether skin treatments are important to your skincare routine and what treatment will be suitable for your skin type. So some of these tips I do currently and some I have learnt from the sk:n clinic so I totally recommend you checking them out.


I can't recommend doing this enough I do feel this is one of the reasons why my skin is so much more glowy and fresh in the winter. Removing those dead skin cells is so important especially to reveal newer skin so that your other products can work better also. Another thing I would have to mention is using a gentle exfoliate I have used some harsh ones in the past and even with my lack of skincare knowledge I knew something wasn't quite right with them. What I like about sk:n exfoliate is that its a 2 in one so it not only exfoliates the dead skin but it cleanses the face as well while its doing so preparing a perfect base to add your serums or other creams ect.


This has made such a huge difference to how my skin has been looking I am not a gym bunny but I have been doing 15 minute workouts at home alongside running and that's been causing me to drink more water. Also I have been eating more salads having more warm water and lemons and have been really nourishing my skin from the inside so that it looks great on the outside. There are certain vegetables that are great for the skin for repair especially green vegetables. I know not everyone is into vegetables but the benefits they add to the health of your skin are amazing.


In the previous point I spoke about water and how exercising often encourages you to drink water. I have got to say that regardless of exercise it is so important to drink loads of water to hydrate your skin during the colder months and after. Its also important to use skincare products that are hydrating to the skin I have even been putting a few skincare products in my bag on my no makeup days to rub on my face after I arrive at the office and before I leave. The sk:n antiblemish is perfect for oily skin and for blemish prone skin in general. I have spoken about my blemishes during my hormonal breakouts and this is great for applying after you have done your cleansing and your exfoliating. I don't own anything apart from this that is aimed specifically for blemishes and their sk:n intense blemish lotion is also out of stock which says alot.


Another tip I learnt when I went for my *sk:n treatment was the use of an SPF and how important it is to use it all year around. I am still so shocked because I never knew that. I thought an SPF was just for the warmer months. In fact one on the reasons why this is the case is due to the fact it helps keep your skin evenly toned and I have been buying toners for that reason because my skin can get so unevenly toned in the winter. So protection for your skin is not just for summer and the holiday so get some SPF if your like me and didn't know that.

So this post is for during and after the winter months because the weather can still be quite cold and horrible even after the winter and its good to take care of your skin even more during this time. The product's I mentioned in this post are the sk:n cleanse and exfoliate  that retails for £28 and the sk:n hydrator for oily and blemish prone skin which is currently on sale for £23.60 so I would get it before it goes up. I think the sk:n company's prices are so reasonable you won't break the bank on them their not high-end and their not super low priced such as the high street their just in between. Also they offer a consultation where you can go into their clinics like I did and see what products are better suited for your skin.

Check out the sk:n website and see what they have to offer their a company that just doesn't try to sell you their product's but they educate you on how to better take care of your skin. I am looking forward to booking another consultation and another treatment before the winter because there are two things I don't fuss about when it comes to cost skin and 2.a good massage( random I know lol) I will leave that for a next post.

Thank you for reading ,
And love the skin you were born with!



  1. I'm also from the uk and there are the tiniest snowflakes falling. My skin has been the worst its been idea how long. I do all of the above but its like it knows I'm turning 30 this year and decided to remind me what my teenage skin was like! The Sk:n Hyrdrator for Oily and Blemish Prone Skin sounds exactly like what I need!

  2. I think exfoliating is crucial, too. I've recently started dry brushing and it definitely helps with the wintery dry skin.

  3. My skin always need some extra care during the winters. I have not tried anything from Sk:n yet but the products sound nice. Good skincare, diet, and workout are so helpful in keeping the skin healthy.

  4. very useful! I do have issues with my skin after winter always. Unfortunately it's still feels like winter here, can't wait to actually try something new

  5. So many great tips here on giving your skin some much needed love. The cold weather certainly affects me!

  6. Snow or not, I'd take this set over any other. Exfoliating and hydrating are the top most effective ways to take care of skin and I'm happy that it gets to be emphasized here.

  7. Does getting pregnant count?!? LOL. I don't know if I would classify myself as glowing though. Hydrating is SUPER important for sure! This treatment you used looks like something that would work really well!!

  8. such great tips! my skincare routine changes with the seasons so this post is great

  9. Thank you for sharing such an useful skincare guidance. Now a days I am facing many skin related issues like tan, oilyness and sometime roughness.. I think your tips will be rally useful for me to recover my skin from more damages ...

  10. Sleep and water is the best solution for great skin, something I wish we could be like bears... going into hiding during winter and hibernate and turn up in the summer with great skin!

  11. Only using good products and exercising will not help you. I will suggest you do yoga and get a yoga belt for regular exercise. This will help your body to keep well and will make you more energetic and refreshing. You will get good quality and various sizes bet there, which will help you to do your exercise easily.


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