Monday, 19 February 2018

My honest thoughts on the makeup revolution concealers| Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define

Oh where do I start hmmm....I have been watching so many reviews with everyone comparing the makeup revolution concealers to the Tarte Shape Tape I for one have never tried Tarte Shape Tape I have tried a lot of concealers my favourite being the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer when it comes to high end and the colourpop concealer when it comes to drugstore. 

First of all before we get into things let me just say that I am a huge fan of makeup revolution recently they have been serving up some good makeup highlighters, palettes, lipsticks ect and the quality has been amazing so I was excited about these concealers especially in the beginning they were so hyped up.

So lets talk about what pulled me in first the shade range they have such a wide shade range and if they had a smaller range I wouldn't be mad at them because they are a highstreet brand so major props to MUR for thinking of all their clients. Having a wide range of colours is not an easy thing so I don't take this lightly MUR  put in the work.

Lets talk about the wand its a big wand like the Tarte concealer because I have seen the wand on various videos.  Tarte is America's number one concealer and something in me cant bring myself to purchase it I might like it if I were to try it but I am a pretty good guess of what wouldn't work for me. But back  to the MUR Conceal and Define Concealer, I personally don't like the wand its so big and thick that so much product comes out and because its so small I'm fearful of using it up in 3 applications so I would use 1 dip for both eyes and apply gently to each eye.

Another issue with the wand that I found I couldn't use it to apply around my eyebrows and lips for a more defined look like the Nars concealer because it just got on my lips or in the case of my eyebrows in the hairs and cleaning or blending was just difficult. 

Ok lets talk about the use of this under my eyes because when I get a concealer the coverage under my eyes is where it matters the most. So in the morning before going to work I used this concealer and I was like holdup I could still see my dark circles in the end I ended up using my colourpop concealer on top. I was bent set on giving this a bad review but I decided to try the concealer again and this time I used my fingers to blend instead of the beauty blender and I was like ok now I can see why people are liking this. Its really strange for me because with my colourpop concealer its really hard to blend with fingers because its quite thick. The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is best to blend with fingers because its a bit thinner and a blender or brush will blend it out to much if that makes sense.

So what I have realised with the MUR concealers is that despite the wand is quite thick the consistency of the concealers are quite thin and you would definitely need to set it. Now looking back at my photo's for makeup looks I still see a bit of dark circles poking through. However the colours I got C12 and C13 were a great match. The darker ones I used for my undereyes and for other places for coverage and the lighter one I used as a highlight. 

For £4 you really cant go wrong with these I am going to try them again and see if I can build it up a bit more but for the first time I am on the fence about these concealers.

What are your thoughts on the Makeup Revolution Concealers? Have you tried them?

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  1. I have yet to try this concealer or Tarte's shape tape. And I am a big fan of a lot of Tarte products! I am currently using Benifit's Erase Paste which they don't even sell anymore! It's just that that particular concealer takes forever to go through!

  2. You're right about the wand, it's quite big I have to swatch it on the back of my palm first and then dip a concealer brush into it. I opted for a contour colour C18, was a little too dark even as a contour shade. I actually liked the consistency of the concealer a lot, the colour was very rich and I'd love to go back and try the lighter concealer shades.

    Juliet x


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