Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Getting Valentines Day Ready: Pamper Day with Hempz + Kiss Lashes + Chit Chat

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

So today is a bit of a different post because its a review/chat chat so I am writing it as it comes to me literally.  Valentines Day is such an iffy day for so many people those that are dating are so excited about it some people that are single hate it and a lot of married couples surprisingly are even more over this day because they feel its so commercialised and like Christmas its a way for businesses to make some extra money. I personally think that valentines is what you want it to be, despite its not been as talked about this year because January was so incredibly boring I am kind of in between on the subject. But what I do love about Valentines Day is Pamper Evenings.

Recently I put a face mask on lit a candle run the bath and decided to use some Hempz Skincare Products that were kindly sent over to me.* If you follow me on Instagram you can see I have been having alot of nigh in's and apart from takeaway and my favourite series I have been getting down to some good old pampering.

So I've been using the Pomegranate Moisturising Body Wash non stop it smells amazing and it been leaving my skin so soft. Its quite new for me to use a body wash with pomegranate but it sure does smell good. It has a sweet smell and the contents are pink also. The Hemps Moisturising Lip Balm smells lovely to and I have been applying it on my lips every night even when I'm not having a pamper evening because this winter has left my lips so dry and I have been using lip balms all the time. I've got like 2 that don't leave my bag because my lips just chap while wearing lipstick. The only product that my lips have been fine with are the Nyx Lip Creams. Also in terms of the lip balm its really thick and a little goes a long way. It reminds me of the Dr Paw Paw Balms. So the moisturising body wash retails for £16.99 and the tube is a lot,the Lip Balm retails for £7.99 and because that's really thick it will last you ages to. All products are Paraben-Free, Vegan-friendly and made with 100% hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is rich in vitamin E, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6, which are all essential in maintaining healthy and younger looking skin and hair. 

 And for those that love to get out and paint the town red instead lashes are just a must for valentines day. And the lashes I plan to wear is  Little Black Dress by Kiss their not to overstated but their just feminine enough to make your eyeshadow pop. As I am writing this post I am thinking of how I am going to do my makeup for this evening. While everyone is deciding on red or nude I'm over here deciding on classic red, brick red, orange red yes I own quite a lot of types of red. But I think in my heart of hearts I know which one I'm going to pick.

Heels is a must despite I feel like being comfortable tonight and I might actually curl my hair. But what I intend to do is purely based on what I like and what I feel comfortable with. Despite I am going to dress up for my man the reality is if you are going to do all of that and you have no love for yourself then whats the point. And by love yourself I don't been that ott a million selfies, self indulgent snob type of love. I mean love yourself despite your thin or a bit thicker you've got freckles, spots your nose is flat or it may be pointed. Love yourself and love the people in your life that love you, and please for goodness sake don't make this a day where you bring out the wine and throw yourself a pity party.

One of the terms that have been popular of late is "Galentines" I use to hate that term so much until I understood what it meant which is to spend time with your lady friends single or not. Now looking back at it I celebrated Galentines alot when single going out to eat with my friends or staying in and watching a film and getting a takeaway. Those times were some fun times and we had some really good laughs and a few of us had some honest cries. Because the truth is it is sometimes hard waiting for that someone to come into your life or you could even be still healing from a bad breakup.

What I would say is not to make one single day dictate your joy or lack there of and enjoy this day like any other to the fullest. Spend times with the ones you love, get your favourite meal and have a Happy Valentines/Galentines Day.



  1. I love to try out Pomegranate Moisturising Body Wash since you mentioned the smell is awesome. I love pink color since the content is pink. I can't remember how pomegranate smell like but don't mind giving it a go as I know it is antioxidant!

  2. Me and my boyfriend don't celebrate Valentine's day because of what you said, we feel is too comercial, we love each other everyday and we have dates all the time. I think self care and loving yourself is very important as well, but the struggle is real when you see other people on instagram having the time of their life but sometimes this is a posed pic. As for "Galentines", I love it! In Mexico, we don't call it Valentine's day but "the day of love and friendship".

  3. I still having tried wearing eyelashes. Whenever I see it on people, it seems so obvious they are not real. I guess I am missing the ones who are wearing it and it looks like their own. The ones you suggested look much softer than what I am use to seeing but I would definitely need help with applying them.

    1. To be totally honest I struggle a lot with applying lashes but I prefer natural ones like these because they look feminine and not overstated that you will tell that their false. I’ve got a photo on my Instagram.

  4. Pomegranate is one of my favorite scents it usually it’s overwhelming and I like that. I’ve never tried wearing eyelashes because you can tell they aren’t real even though they look nice on some women.

  5. These look some great choices, Wondering about pomegranate moisturizing body wash scent, sounds lovel.

  6. Those lashes look super flirty and cute for valentines! Pomegranate body wash must smell amazing too!

  7. I love those lashes! They are so feminine and flirty, and the look very natural! I love that they are no clumpy, or too thick.
    I agree that Valentine's is very commercialized. My hubby and I just went to Chick-Fil-A and watched Netflix! LOL.

  8. Oh, I really love those long lashes. It seems so chic. I haven't tried using fake lashes and this brand is worth to try.

  9. That wash sounds amazing! It's pretty too! I love celebrating my 'gals' around this time too!

  10. What a fun way to spend Valentine's Day, pampering yourself for your man. I hope you had a great day!

  11. I don't understand what Galentine is until I checked it up, so it's Gals + Valentines? Interesting, because it hasn't got to Singapore yet. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  12. I love anything with Pomegranates, they are rich in antioxidants and great for the skin. It is great that the body wash and lip balm smell amazing.


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