Friday, 23 February 2018

A mothers day gift list for an elegant or classy mum

So its that time again Mother's Day is coming up and there has been so many gift guides already out or are currently being written. Judging by the post you might be thinking I don't have the funds for elegant, well don't click out of the post yet this post is a mixture of high end gift options for the mums that love when their loved one's splurge on special occasions "cough my mother" and I've also incorporated some gift options that aren't extremely expensive but they seem expensive or are extremely classy.

So if your stuck on what to get your mum, your aunt, your sister or that special mum friend in your life hopefully this list will cover all the bases where gift choices are concerned.

Pamper Products

I love pamper products and Joan Collins Indulgent Bath Salts are not only relaxing but they smell amazing. Its called I am woman for a reason because this will help to detoxify, nourish and hydrate the skin and alongside the dry oil polish it is bound to leave your skin with a*beautiful winter glow. Another thing I love about this is how finely milled it is it just dissolves in the bath so it seems so much more high- end than other bath salts I have used. This product is just £18 and can be found on the Joans Collins Website , who wouldn't love to receive this mums work so hard a relaxing bath is a perfect gift along side some pamper products. Another company that does amazing  bath oils and you can create a pamper kit is Bloomtown you can also use my code Taslyn20 it will give you 20% off any order and their products smell incredible.


Now that where all pampered and smelling great another gift choice for a classy mummy is perfume I just think perfume as a gift idea is such a great choice especially if your friend know what your favourite scent. I love receiving and giving perfumes in a classy bottle that is even high-end. Clive Christian does a range of Luxury Perfume Sets that can be purchased over on their site.

Afternoon Tea and Spa Days

Who doesn't love being taken out for afternoon tea or a meal where you and your mum,friend, sister can dress up and really enjoy each other's company. It can also be seperate or with a spa day a massage a facial maybe incorporate a pedicure or manicure.  I think because mothers are so consumed with taking care of their children and even the rest of the family its sometimes nice to have someone take care of them for a change.


Probably my favourite on the list I just love jewellery I am always happy when receiving jewellery as a gift
and I know some mums aren't into a lot of jewellery like I am but keepsakes are good also. Maybe a pendant with a kind or meaningful message is something that is sure to make any mum be so touched. I am a sucker for sentimental gifts myself and that's something I hope to give my mum. One brand that does some classy looking jewellery pieces with out breaking the bank is Buckley London I did a post on their rose gold piece if you would like to see.

There are so many classy gift choices to get that special mum in your life you can splurge on a designer bag or some designer sunny's or if she's into makeup some really nice makeup bits would be great. Also some home items are nice for that home and lifestyle loving mums like a vase, anthropology does some nice items such as mugs, jewellery boxes. The list is endless but I wanted to share with you some really nice gift idea's that will cover every budget.

What do you plan on getting for mother's day and if your a mum what do you love receiving?
Leave a comment down below.


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