Thursday, 4 January 2018

Collective Haul: What I purchased in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

I feels like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale was a while ago but it wasn't. I'm so late when it comes to this post but I still wanted to share with you some of the deals that were going on and what I got especially since its January sales are happening now and there are some similar sales still happening as well as some newer ones. I've been "extra spendy" and I'm not sure if I can fit everything for my other haul in one post so I might have to divide it.

Makeup Revolution

At the moment makeup revolution is killing it... I've loved so many products for them and have so many of their products to review that I have lost track. So they were basically doing a spend £10 and get a free palette. That wasn't hard because I have wanted the glittery lipsticks from life on the dance floor in the shade head-turner and stiletto. I also wanted the newtrals vs neutrals palette, that palette was sold out all the time so happy to finally get it. So since I purchased these palettes I got the bold as brass palette which was not a bad bargain since I am loving practicaly all the colours especially the deep purples and that pigmented gold shade.

Girls with Attitude 

Sorry in advance for the palette heavy post but Girls with attitude were also doing  a sale their palettes were being sold for £5 and they usually retail for £9.99. I've heard quite a lot about their palettes and I figure this was a good way to try them out before investing in more expensive products. So I got the natural palette and the enchanting palette I wanted the bombshell palette to but that wasn't discounted. All these palettes I mention are discounted now along with the bombshell palette and can  be found on Girls with Attitude Website.

Fashion Bits

I didn't buy a lot of fashion items in the sale because there wasn't a great amount of items that interest me. I bought a Christmas jumper from boohoo for £10 their slowly becoming my go to and they do sales all the time and they've got some great men stuff to if your looking for a gift. One place that was doing a lovely sale was H&M, there jumpers were so inexpensive I payed like £9 for each of these jumpers and they had some thick jumpers that were discounted heavily. I purchased a grey one with two splits in the sides and a furry shaggy one that is so soft and warm. They are still doing an even more amazing sale with jumpers between £7- £11. In fact their sale currently for the January sale is so good I had to evacuate quickly in fear that I will break my bank account.


Bioessence were selling alot of their cleansers and product line discounted and since it was £ 4.85 I just couldn't help but to get it, I wrote a review on their Miracle Finisher and I wanted to try other products. Glossier was doing 20% and free delivery no matter the limit, my only regret was not buying more products but at the time I kept thinking I wanted to try the coconut because I heard great things about it and I am obsessed with the cherry

I thought that the sales this Cyber Monday and Black Friday was great but the January Sales have been something also, so all around I am quite pleased. I've got some other hauls coming your way cant wait to decide which ones to do first will probably do a poll on my twitter.

What amazing deals did you come across in the sales?



  1. These all sound like great purchases. Unfortunately we don't get huge sales here in Sweden like the UK, but on the other hand I wasn't tempted to spend either!

  2. I love that natural palette by Girls with Attitude. Going to go check them out now! Thanks for the share :)

  3. Sounds like you managed to treat yourself :) I didn't actually buy anything in the sales this time round.

  4. I am really impressed with the Makeup Revolution palettes too, I have three at the moment and I love using them!! Happy Friday Taslyn :)


  5. Makeup Revolution has been a favorite at the moments the palettes are really great! I am so tempted to check out the after holiday sales but after spending so much for Christmas I think I should probably hold off!

  6. I need to get some new make-up so plan on raiding the sales to see what I can find

  7. I love a palette. I'm hopeless at sale shopping though! I really need to spend the time looking for deals. You've got some great ones here.

  8. Ive only recently purchased a palette and I love them. I can see a collection growing!!

  9. I was hoping for some Make-up for Christmas but no such luck. Will have a look in the sales. I love the girls with attitude colours, they're exactly what I would go for.

  10. It looks like you did well in the sales. It's a fantastic time to pick up Christmas jumpers isn't it

  11. You can never have too many make up palettes, nothing beats that first dip in a brand new eye shadow!

  12. I rarely shop for Black Friday but you got some lovely makeup during the sale. Makeup Revolution is a brand I still need to try. The eye shadow palettes are looking gorgeous and who would miss such deals. Loved your haul :-)


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