Saturday, 23 December 2017

A Mini Lush Haul| Finally getting to try Lush's Christmas Items Eeek!

Lush Haul|

I am so happy right now that I can finally try some Lush Christmas goodies, last year this was my only regret when it comes to Christmas purchases and despite I haven't tried them yet I cant wait to run the bath and finally drop one of these in. Opening up the box alone made me excited for Christmas because they smelled so festive especially the brown one that has cinnamon as the actual stick.

So I'm just going to give you a run down of the items I bought and then you can get back to your mince pies and present wrapping and I can start prepping for my Christmas Menu on Monday "sahhh glam". Well the good thing is that these products will still be available for a little bit after Christmas in store, I couldn't find the bottle of snow fairy online so I will probably go into store to get that before its gone that's the only product that would have been here if I found it online. So here's what I bought:

The Magic of Christmas

When I heard they had a reusable wand I made up my mind I was going to order it and the look of this wand just hooked me I have got to say it just mirrors everything Christmas colour, smell everything. Its got an orange oil and cinnamon aroma alongiside other spices and retails for £5.95 most people say they get at least 5 uses out of it which is a great bargain considering some bathbombs for one use is nearly the price of this.

The Magic Wand

Pink, silver glitter another wand that just makes me happy and it smells so sweet and yummy. Some people say that it smells like snow fairy and its the wand version which makes me want the bottled version even more because it smells like candy. When it comes to being feminine looking and a gift for all ages this one will make a nice stocking filler or a great children's gift.The scent is a sugary-sweet candy floss scented bubble bar, with hints of bubblegum and strawberry milkshake thrown in there for good measure and I love it so the wands are doing it for me. 
Lush Haul|


I ended up buying two of these I saw butterbear thought of my favourite lush bath bomb butterball and saw the ingredients and I just thought I need two in my life. Its practically butterball in polar bear form and its so cute its got similar ingredients cocoa powder sprinkled on top with cocoa butter, ylang ylang and essential calming oils. I'm just happy my stress buster is back in my possession and its in cute polar bear form and retails for the same price £2.50.

Snow Angel

Alot of people have had this little cutie on their instagram its got two sides to it which I never knew because its usually turned on its white side but I tend to like the idea of a gold angel with loads of glitter. I was quite excited to try this because I heard this being mentioned on zoella's channel and a lot of people rave about it. The snow angel contains the smell rose, benzine, cassie and the ingredient cocoa butter and it has a lovely sweet marzipan scent and I cant wait to try it, retail price is £4.50.

So that's it for my lush haul. I cant wait for Christmas now. It's not quite Christmas if we haven't done Christmas Cookies which you can read here in my Yummy Christmas Gingerbread Jumper Post ,and talked about having long lush baths as we listened to Christmas songs in the bath.

I am really looking forward to some days off with the family and just relaxing over the holiday period. Got so much exciting plans for the new year and I cant wait to update you here on the blog. Will be talking Goals and Favourites of 2017 on the run up to the new year so subscribe to my blog and follow me on my social channels so you don't miss a thing

Lush Haul|

Leave a Comment below telling me your favourite Lush Products and be sure to check out  Lush's website
Merry Christmas to you and your Loved ones.
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  1. I love your photos Taslyn!! I wish you happy holidays and enjoy spending time with your family, I am spending mine with family too!!! xx


  2. Both the Magic Wand and Butterbear sound right up my street! I've never bought anything from LUSH before, but I have smelt the Magic Wand and it smells insane xo

    Char |

  3. These photos are gorgeous! I need to pay a visit to lush methinks! Everyone’s been picking up some great bits lately! X

  4. Lovely post! I have never tried Lush products yet. But there is a store close to my home and when I walk past it smells sooooooooo gooooooood. Your photos are superb. :-)


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