Monday, 13 November 2017

Tea's with Health Benefits that I just love drinking

Not sure if you've noticed but if your living in London like I am you would have realised that it is absolutely freezing. I cant believe how much the weather has changed since we have just entered a new month. With that said I have been drinking alot more cups of tea and despite I love the standard english tea a lot I sometimes mix it up with more healthier teas. So I'm going to let you know some teas that I love drinking that have healthy benefits.

1.Green Tea

I am obsessed with Green Tea I have had to add some *mint to it because some green tea leaves can be quite bitter but the health benefits of Green Tea are so good it helps to build stamina and immunity which is definitely needed with all these horrible flu and viruses around during this season. Also it prevents tooth loss, reduces risk of cancer, tones muscles and skin,reduces cholesterol. And if you want to look forever young it also helps to delay the signs and symptoms of ageing. Feel free to read about more incredible benefits of Green tea here.

2.Detox Tea

I use to hate detox tea a lot as a teenager my mum use to give it to all of us and say that its good for detoxing the body ect ect. I guess at that age the last thing you would care about is detoxifying the body, pesonally I cared more about where I am going to get my next bag of sweets from haha. It's so weird how your taste change now your an adult I absolutely love detox tea's now and there even a craze when it comes to celebrity's because the benefits are endless. The personal benefits I've seen are reduced bloating , healthier skin and weight loss. There's so much benefits to detox tea which tonnes of celebrity s are raving about so your welcome to read more here why celebrities drink detox tea  to find out many more benefits.

3.Chamomile Tea

This is another childhood favourite and I love the taste of it so much. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and flat out stressed out from work nothing calms me like chamomile tea it is so great even before bed. The benefits to this lovely tea are it helps with stomach cramps, migraines, it helps you to fall asleep like I've mentioned and it even helps with IBS and boost your immunity. Another thing I love about this tea is the beauty benefits it has it helps to reduce dark circles by resting 2 cool bags as a compress on your eyes at night because it naturally helps to tighten skin. The best chamomile is the natural one but I also love tetly's chamomile tea for the lazy days and its just as good. You can read even more  benefits of Chamomile tea here.

4.Lemon and Ginger

Another tea that my mum loved growing up but I hated is Lemon and Ginger Tea. On hind site I should of named this post  healthy teas that I use to hate but I now love ALOT. So the reason why I hated lemon and ginger tea is mainly the ginger I am just not a fan of it. However I would say that recently it has grown on me when it comes to thia and chinese dishes and my now love for lemon and ginger tea. I mainly drink this tea when I have the cold or flu and it just helps me to feel a little better than a sack of potato. But on a serious note the one I love drinking is the Sainsbury brand Lemon and Ginger Tea its so strong yet it taste great and one of my friends that was ill loved it when she came to my home and was feeling unwell. You can make a natural version with lemon and ginger which I do sometimes also but the health benefits are it controls diabete's, relieves pain, its great for haircare by helping with growth and the general appearance, it boost your mood, helps with the skin and the list continues. Ginger can be a bit troublesome if you have a sensitive tummy or your sensitive to heartburn so its good to try in small doses and build up.

5.Lemon and Water

Alright this is not exactly a tea but it does have alot of health benefits and I love it alot when it comes to my diet and fitness routine. The benefits I have seen personally is glowing skin, weightloss, reduced bloating but lemon and water has so much benefits that you would be so addicted after trying this for the first time. In fact I highly recommend this or detox tea's to use alongside any gym goals you have set for yourself.  Some more benefits includes aiding in terms of digestion, boost vitamin C, it rejuvenates skin and body healing and thats just a few of the benefits.Since there is far to much to mention you can read more benefits of drinking lemon and water here.


So grab your favourite face mask my personal favourite is 7th Heaven, a cosy blanket and your favourite show and start sipping away.

There are other tea's that I love but these are my favourites whe it comes to health and wellness.
Whats your favourite tea that you love drinking?

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  1. I can't believe there is such a huge difference in temperature among european countries. I am not much of a tea drinker but I really love lemon and ginger and I try to drink lemon and water regularly, it's so good to the body!


  2. I love chamomile tea before bed, it really helps me relax and get a good sleep. I think I need to start drinking more herbal tea during the day. I like the sound of detox tea as well, I'l have to give it a try.

  3. I like lemon and water. Not a fan of anything but my breakfast tea

  4. I don't drink tea but my husband swears by green tea. He drinks it all the time and is always telling me I should try it!

  5. Ooh, I need to branch out with teas. I'm terrible - I stick to my builder's tea and thats it, but I think encorporating some more healthy teas into my daily routine would be so beneficial. Like the sound of lemon and ginger!

  6. I think its great that there are so many different teas that have different benefits unfortunately I don't like tea and much prefer coffee.

  7. I do love my tea and funnily enough detox teas are my favourite

  8. I'm a big fan of all of these teas x

  9. I don't drink tea but I have heard there are lots of health benefits.

  10. I tried a few different teas but struggle to find one I like. These do sound yummy though!

  11. I am a sucker for good old tea but I have tried all these different variations and I do love each for specific occasions.


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