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I'm all about that NEW Glow: The Rise of the Liquid Highlighters

barry m  highlighter drop review and makeup revoution liquid highlighter review
I don't know about you but I am all about that glow! In other words I just love highlighter as a makeup product in general I first started loving the normal highlighters and to be fair the brand that started this obsession was definitely Makeup Revolution. After trying their rose gold highlighter I know life just wasn't going to be the same anymore(pretty dramatic) but when you think about it when it came to the cheeks I would just apply blusher and the occasional bronzer now highlighter is nearly a must when I am leaving the house. 

At first when I wrote this post I was going to do a verses post and compare both these liquid highlighters here on the blog but I thought it was better to talk about liquid highlighters in general and then let you know my personal favourite, despite both these highlighters are really good in their own right.

So the thought of using a liquid highlighter really freaked me out because I just recently managed to master not looking like a Christmas tree when leaving the house with normal highlighter, lets face it that initial few drops really made me nervous because highlighter is applied onto the foundation and it can be a pain when you've put on too much.
barry m  highlighter drop review and makeup revoution liquid highlighter review

So the first liquid highlighter that launched first out of these 2 was the makeup revolution highlighter. There were other brands already doing liquid highlighters but I guess makeup revolution is the first makeup brand that I was really obsessed with when I started getting interested in makeup along with Sleek so I had to try it. So I purchased the Liquid highlighter in Liquid Bronze Gold and there are 7 shades in total  and this is one of the shades that is better suited for deeper skin tones. I used my fingers to apply as advised by makeup revolution but I did find that it needed a little bit of building up because it can easily look like an inner glow which is nice but very natural.So if your into natural makeup or if you want to add highlighter but not look over the top this would be great also.  Another thing to mention is because its not as thick its alot easier to blend also.

My mistake when purchasing the colour is the fact I thought it was gold and its not gold its like a rose gold bronze I've got a swatch down below of it, so despite that was a surprise for me I don't own a highlighter like this so its a nice addition to the family.

barry m  highlighter drop review and makeup revoution liquid highlighter review
The next highlighter I purchased which was quite recent is the Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops and what drew me in was the packaging I just love the look of them. I think I watched or read one review on them and I knew I wanted to try it. The shade I ended up getting was Fortune and my goodness is this pigmented its just gold in its truest form.Also because I had to build up the makeup revolution highlighter  I went in a bit heavy at first and it was looking very bright very fast so definitely go in light. I posted a photo on my Instagram recently where everyone was saying I had a nice glow and this was the reason for it. It was night time and I was heading out but the camera still picked it up I just wish I got a photo of my cheeks.

Its very similar to the makeup revolution because it is very reflective but I just find this blends quite naturally into into the makeup in terms of how it looks at the end. I applied it to my cheeks, the bridge of my nose it just applied a lot easier which I found strange because its more thicker than the makeup revolution highlighter. It does take some work to blend in which is not the case with the makeup revolution, but the finished look is so nice. After I purchased this I realised I don't own anything from Barry M so I might have to give this brand a closer look after trying this highlighter. 

barry m  highlighter drop review and makeup revoution liquid highlighter review
I actually love both these highlighters for different reasons for instance Fortune I wont even attempt to try to apply that before work if I wanted to reach for some highlighter but makeup revolution I would definitely use this for everyday looks especially because its easier to manage in a rush.The Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter retails for £6.00 and can be purchased on Superdrug   or Tam Beauty and the Barry M highlighter can be purchased for £6.99 at Superdrug in store or online.

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  1. I love the Makeup Rev ones, they give me just the right amount of glow! x

  2. Makeup Revolution really didn't do a bad job of these when you consider the price. However, I found them quite intense and best for the evening. So I use a small sponge to try and calm things down a little when I wear them during the day.


  3. Wow! Those highlighters look so pretty!when I first clicked on this post I thought they were going to be some high end highlighters! I need to try them out for myself!

  4. these highlighters are so pretty and their packaging is so classy and beautiful!



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