Saturday, 18 November 2017

3 Health and Wellness Practises that are Great for the Mind and Body

A few months ago I went to a health and wellness group in my local centre and I absolutely loved it I got a chance to learn so much about healthy practises that can help my mind and body whether its just in the area of positive thinking or just taking time out for myself and so forth. After the class I really made a good attempt at planning the things I weren't really doing well like sleeping properly and eating more healthy and the list continues. So I've been going back to basics and I have been applying 3 practices that have not just been beneficial to my mind but my body also.

1.Essential Oils- Lavender 

I have to say I have always loved oils I think they are great for the hair the skin I use different types of oils all the time and in skincare certain skin oils can slow down the ageing process and who doesn't want to be looking forever young. One oil I have always loved the smell of is lavender I usually loved buying my washing machine powder and my fabric softener in lavender scents because when the clothes would come out I can stand and sniff them all day.  Later on I realised that lavender had a lot more purposes other than making my clothes smell great. On another occasion my friend gave me a teddy infused with lavender oil that you heat in the microwave and you keep in your bed gosh that thing was giving me a good nights rest. After that I decided to get a bottle of lavender oil which I started to add to my bath sprinkled it on my bed near my pillow and its been so relaxing. So some of the things I've noticed that its helped me alot with is insomnia which I tend to have around the time of the month and it helps to literally calm me down when I've had a stressful day. Sometimes I have even added a little to my moisturiser to help get rid of my extremely dry skin. Lavender has so much multipurpose benefits when it comes to the mind and body and it is so simple to incorporate into your daily routine read more about lavender oil many benefits and uses.

2.Reading a Book

The struggle with keeping up with a consistent reading life is real. I just don't get it,some times I am really engrossed with a book and the next I get so busy that sitting down and reading is just next to impossible. To be totally honest I really want to aim to finish at least 2 books that I started this year in this year because reading is not only good for the mind but its good for the body. For instance its been proven that reading a book before bed helps you to get your body and your mind calm before bed as long as its not work or anything that will put you on edge studying thrillers ect. So reading does contribute to a more restful night sleep. In terms of the mind reading does help with a range of things apart from helping to keep your grammar and english at a high stanard both written and verbally it also has been proven to help lower the risk of other mentally related problems such as dementia and can even help to improve your memory. To read more about the benefits of reading books check out Life Hacks Article  and also Real Simples Article. Personally reading does help me get to sleep when I am feeling extremely restless and I am even writing a post on some of the things I do to get a restful night sleep.

3.Having a Nice Warm Bath

Bath time is practically a main event in my home my whole family is obsessed with having long baths I am a shower type of gal but I do find myself having a whole bunch of bath sets, bath bombs, bath salts, bath oils, bubblebath and the list continues. And not to mention the skincare products I plan on using that night and the show or music I want to listen to while I'm in the bath, there's a lot of thought that goes into bathtime in my house haha. But one thing that all of my family can agree on is how relaxing a bath makes us feel its so strange that you can have a day from hell and your stressed beyond measure then after sitting in the bath its like it just washes it away. In fact sometimes when I finish from the bath I find that I can just think more clearly so it helps me to make better decisions.Also I've noticed that sometimes when I am finished with a bath I feel exhausted and sometimes its nights where I have a warm bath that I sleep the most peaceful something about essential oils, bath salts and candles that just makes everything better. Also be sure to check out 10 scietifically proven benefits of taking a bath and also read 6 health benefits of taking a bath. So as much as I love the shower I can't deny the many benefits of having a bath.

So that's my 3 Health and Wellness Practices that just help my mind and body a lot and I don't have to commit to a lot or spend a lot of money to do them.



  1. Thank you, love these tips, very important to factor into our daily lives!

  2. I completely second all of these tips, they're all things I run to when I find myself getting a bit stressed!

    Victoria |

  3. Reading a book is my favourite way to unwind and just forget everything.

  4. Tas, those are brilliant. I love a nice warm bath to help me relax and regain focus. thank you for sharing

  5. Great tips! I so wish we had a bath, I miss a warm, relaxing soak xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  6. I love taking a nice warm bath with my favourite body wash. That always puts in the best mood.

  7. I use lavender oils as I find the scent really relaxing. Nothing beats a long hot soak in the bath either (preferably without small people hammering on the door)

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  9. Some really good tips lovely . You can’t beat a nice warm bath and a book to relax with of an evening :)

  10. This is so true, I have a lavendar candle that I light while in the bath haha so I tend to combine them

  11. Loved this post. I love me a good long bath too. It makes such a difference.



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