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3 to Try from Milani Cosmetics

Milani Cosmetics Review

So today's post is on 3 products that I have been trying from Milani Cosmetics. I have seen so many of their products every where and I have been so confused as to what to try first. But being my usual self I will always go for the pretty packaging especially when the reviews are some what alright or great. So the first product I bought was the Milani Powder Blush because its just beautiful. Later on I purchased the Milani Pressed Powder since I really needed a pressed powder and the Instant Glow Powder because it had such amazing reviews and the pigment looked amazing in the YouTube videos. So with that said lets dive in...

Milani Pressed Powde(Pecan)-According to Milani this is a  finely milled, lightweight face powder.Pressed Powder delivers a matte, shine free complexion worn alone or over a liquid foundation. The smooth formula buffs seamlessly into the skin achieving an airbrushed, soft focus and radiant finish. After using a brush I can tell that it was really finally milled because you can see a bit of the powder settling after each brush stroke to the point I had to blow off the excess. This is my experience on first attempt it is really great if you've got oily skin for touching up your foundation. I unfortunately used this with my true match foundation which is very matte on me so the powder made it look a bit cakey. I will try it with a primer and maybe the sheer glow and see how it works. But the colour suited me and it really mattified my face which is what I wanted.

Milani Powder Blush (Romantic Rose)- Probably the prettiest makeup I own which is why I struggled to try it, like who would want to ruin that rose honestly. Not sure if anyone had experienced this but I had to brush it a few times because I couldn't get much product which I was quite concerned by. So what I did I used my finger and rubbed it and it was like "Hello Pigment" not sure if its the one I got or what but I had that issue with an elf blusher I owned it needed that top layer rubbed off a bit to get to the good stuff...Its a nice subtle pink very pretty its so wedding appropriate.

Strobelight Instant Glow Powder(Glowing)- This is a pressed powder for strobing and highlighting. This leaves skin with a warm healthy glow. To be honest this was the shade that I was least drawn to it just looked really dark and the description stated that it was a bronze with a terracotta undertone and I just thought I am going to be looking orange in no time haha. But good old Youtube changed my mind this looked amazing on especially if you've got medium to deep skin. So I put this to the test and oh my goodness this is Lifeeeee, honestly don't walk run to get this. The pigment in this is crazy and its not shocking its like a glow from within I am truly obsessed with this I just couldn't stop looking at it in the mirror. Its not chunky or cakey it just blends well with the foundation. I've got my eye's on sun glow next because I just love this.

Milani is a new brand for me these are the only makeup products I own from them and the first time I have tried anything from Milani but I have got to say that I am thoroughly impressed. Would love to try the baked blushes they look pretty but apart from that not really sure what to try next?

I purchased all these products from Beauty Bay  The Instant Glow Powder is £13, The Pressed powder is £8 and the Milani Powder Blush is £12 all very affordable considering the quality.

Have you tried any makeup from Milani and what are your favourite products from Milani Cosmetics?

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Milani Strobelight Instant Glow, Milani Pressed Powder, Milani Powder Blush Review



  1. Their highlighters are some of the best I have ever tried! So pretty xox

  2. Romantic Rose is such a lovely blush, I have it too and I wish I ordered more when I got this one :)


  3. I have not tried Milani but I want too. There was this really pretty blush that I saw and I want to try by them!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  4. I haven't tried this brand is such a pretty brand!! I am looking forward to finding my Favorite Milani item!!

  5. That highlighter looks incredible, will definitely have to give it a try! Fab review xx

    Judanna xo //

  6. Wow I love that color highlighter! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow I love that color highlighter! Thanks for sharing!

  8. they seem such cute colors!! I want them so badly!! xx


  9. I’ve only tried a gloss from Milani before. But that blush is so pretty

  10. They are all soooo pretty! I’ve never tried any Milani makeup either but I definitely want to give it a go xx

  11. I used to love Milani before but I forgot all about it. I’ll need to revisit. Great post!!

  12. I have only tried the baked blushers and the Rose blushers which I think are lovely although the Rose can feel just a tad dry to the touch. Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

  13. I love strobing powder and rose blush from Milani. Its such a lovely brand.

    Ash |

  14. These sound lovely. I agree I wouldn’t want to ruin that blush!! It’s so beautiful with that rose.

    xxM |

  15. This post seems really helpful for me! Recently I did my make-up lesson London , she trains best make-up lesson by Lina Cameron . But, I am new in this makeup line. I am willing to purchase Fenty beauty foundation. Can you suggest me which shade will be best for NC30 ?

  16. Recently I hear more and more positive feedback about "Milani Cosmetics". I will certainly try their products if you recommend them.


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