Monday, 4 September 2017

Turning my back on Summer with 10 Things that I love about Autumn

10 Things I love about Autumn
I've always loved Autumn I am just that person that suffers through winter and desperately watches each day as we count down to Spring and when its extremely hot in the summer I just panic about how hot it is. Something about the in-between seasons that I prefer especially Autumn not sure if its because my birthday month is in October and there's so much nice special days surrounding these months.Probably its because of blogging but I just find myself so much more excited about all the things that makes up this season. 

So here's all the things I'm absolutely looking forward to when it comes to Autumn:

Pumpkins and Spice- All the autumn centred dishes as well as the pumpkins in the grocers just really warms my heart and it gets me really excited to bake.

Fall Leaves- Despite where not there yet seeing all the fall leaves on the floor is just so nice, and besides my daughter  will love running through the big piles in the park. 

Fall Fashion-  Layering and cosy jumpers as well as boots and fashionable coats, I just love it all. I'm already browsing for some cosy jumpers at the moment and I will probably go shopping in the week.

Candles and Cosy Blankets-  Something about loads of blankets and scented candles while reading or watching something nice that just makes up the autumn and winter months. Probably my favourite thing about the season.

Christmas and the planning up to Christmas- So strange because as August has been ending so many people are already talking about Christmas. Not sure about you but I find myself thinking about watching Christmas films and decorating my balcony and the neighbours have their lights up already. I really feel like a lot of people are going to plan earlier for it myself being one of them.

10 Things I love about Autumn
Warm Palette's- This is the month I tend to reach for my ABH Palette the most the more deep berry's and browns which are the warmer colours become my go to during these months. I've just got the urban decay naked heat so I am excited to have a second palette to play around with. There will be a post in this palette very soon.

Dark Lips- Finally I can wear some of my darker lipsticks my colourpop shade in Kae, My makeup revolution lipstick in antique, the deep browns the dark plums are all coming out. As much as I love my pinks and nudes I am really excited to finally switch things up.

Starbucks and Costa- Both these shops tend to bring out some really nice autumn drinks with pumpkin, spice, shortbread I am so excited to pick up a cup of their seasonal drink on my way to work.

10 Things I love about Autumn

Decluttering and Organising my wardrobe- Despite many of your summer outfits you can easily transition them to winter wear there are some things that I prefer to wear in summer only. So I tend to take out some of my summer stuff and put them away and make space for my autumn/winter clothes. There is something so satisfying when everything is neat.

Events and Shows- There's so many amazing events and shows that are launched around this time whether it is blogging related events or just musicals ect its nice going out to a nice show all bundled up with your mates. Strangely I find that I go out to more events and shows in the Autumn months more than any other.

What do you love about Autumn the most?

The dress in the post is from Sainsbury's TU range and the shoes are from Primark.

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  1. This post has got me sooo excited for autumn!!You are looking gorgeous too! xx


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