Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Murad Skincare Review

So for the last few weeks I've been trialling the Hyrdo Dynamic Line which was very kindly sent over to me from the kind staff at Murad I've heard so many great things about this line so I was so excited to try it. So the line comes in 3 steps and *I've listed each below before discussing what each product does in more dept and my results. Also I love that it gives you direction on what order to use the products in so you have the best results. Another thing I love about their skincare line is their packaging  I just love the simple minimal packaging and the purple really does bring some sophistication to the packaging. I have combination skin for the most part dry with some oilyness around the tzone for those who would like to know.

So with that said lets get into the post....

Step 1- Cleanse|Tone

The AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser polishes away dullness and excess cellular debris priming skin for treatment products. Reveals a smoother texture, more even toned complexion without irritation. I followed the instruction which said to  massage a small amount over dampened face and neck. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.  At first what I noticed about the exfoliating cleanser is that it didn't really have a scent, also the cleanser is really gentle but yet has enough grit to it to exfoliate your entire face. After washing my face it felt really clean and quite refreshed.

Step 2- Treat| Repair

The next stage after the exfoliating cleanser was the Hydro Dynamic Cleansing Essence and its a weightless moisture enhancing treatment that optimizes skins capacity to retain hydration leaving it soft, plum and youthful. You simply apply to cleansed skin and massage the face, neck and chest with it.Honestly, I just loved how this felt on the skin and the smell, it just reminds me of a spa. I noticed after using over the weeks that my skin did look more vibrant and healthier I am just obsessed with this everything from the product to the bottle it is Everything!

Step 3- Hydrate| Protect

The last step is the Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture and this step is a luxurious but lightweight cream that provides 24 hour hydration and visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. You apply literally to face and neck. Despite I don't have any lines or wrinkles currently I think it will be a very good prevention for me for when that time does come. However like the quenching essence it just left my skin even more hydrated and it has that nice fresh spa like smell. Also its not greasy in any way.  After applying this last step I usually let it set in to my skin and I have noticed that I have no dry skin throughout the day. 

My Overall Thoughts

Where in the month of August and before you know it we will be nearing winter I have noticed such a difference in my skin when it comes to using these products that I am going to try my best to save them up for the winter because that's when my skin is really really dry. Also I love that there is one cleanse step and the other two steps is just apply it and leave it on, that just makes it so much more easier to do this routine in the night even when your tired. There's nothing worst than washing your face 4 or 5 time in the night with different products. I must admit I can only muster up the strength and the patience to do that in the daytime. The quotes on the boxes that they come in is also such a nice touch. I've been trialling a lot more skincare products on the high-end side as well as high-street now and I am pleased with the results so far. I just think to have great looking skin and to preserve the health of your skin is so important that I don't want to be limited so in the words of Murad's quote spurge often or at least from time to time.

So overall I love these products and I cant wait to try other products from this company.The Hydro Dynamic Refreshing Cleanser retails at £26, The Quenching Essence retails at £65 and the Ultimate Moisture retails for £57 and you can purchase them from Murad's Website and their even currently doing a summer sale so I would run not walk if I were you.

Have you tried any products from Murad before? Leave a comment below I would love to know your thoughts.


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