Friday, 4 August 2017

Magnitone London: Well Heeled Express Pedicure System

So today I will be reviewing Magnitone London's Express Pedicure System. The pedicure system comes with an express pedi-roller, 2AA batteries, cleaning brush, regular roller and an extra buffer roller. The brush roller works by removing the base of the system and adding batteries to it. After adding the batteries and putting the base back on turn the device on and use on your heels and feet only.

At first when* I used it I found that it felt strange because I have never used a a pedicure system before. I have always been curious about getting one but I just felt nervous about it that's why I am so grateful to receive this to try so I can share with some of you my honest thoughts.

So I ended up using the regular roller only that did the trick when it came to my heels and feet in general because I have been somewhat  taking care of my feet because of the summer period. I was surprised at how quick it worked I just ran it over my feet, soles and heels and I was literally like is that it.

Also I was quite impressed by the fact that there's no water needed which is so different to other pedicure products I have used. The pedicure system also came with a brush cleaning brush that made it extremely easy to clean the system. 

I am very happy with this pedicure system its easy to use, its quick and it gives you great results.

If you'd like to purchase The Well Heeled Express Pedicure System you can find it on Magnitone London's Website.

Have you ever used Magnitone Well Heeled Express Pedicure System?


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