Friday, 18 August 2017

July's Beauty Subscription Roundup: Birchbox, Lovemebeauty, Glossybox

Glossybox Review
So last month its safe to say that all of the subscription boxes came ready to make an impression. So with there being so many beautiful summery boxes last month we have been debating, declaring and we even ran a poll on twitter to find out which subscription was the best subscription box for the month of July. After going through everyone's comments, the poll and just my personal assessment we have a clear winner but before we crown the best subscription box for July 2017 we have to give out a few awards first.

So the award for..

The best smelling box and yes I had a good sniff (despite for this box there was no need to) because the scent filled my living room as soon as I opened it and that box is none other than The July Bircbox.

The next award which is the award for the Best Packaging or best bag/box goes to none other than Glossybox this box just screams summer and July.

Lovemebeauty Review
 Alot of the boxes had product's that I loved individually so it was really hard choosing a box with the Most Liked Products I loved the Nail Kale nailpolish from lovemebeauty, the balance me micellar water and oxford bleu perfume from the birchbox and the cute macaroon lip balm and spectrum brush in the glossybox. But after going on what I loved more in this roundup and the products that went viral because they were popular, Glossybox takes the award for the Most Liked Products. We can all say that a photo of that stunning spectrum brush was on everyone's instagram and alot of the other products in the box were well raved about.

The award for the box with the Most Newest Discoveries was extremely hard and it was between Glossybox and Birchbox mainly because both boxes had products in them that I have never used before but if I am voting purely on the basis of products I have never even heard about. Glossybox had the most products, apart from the spectrum brush, I've never even heard of any of the other brands in the box and with birchbox I was familiar with rituals, anatomical, and benefit.So the box with the newest discoveries is Glossybox.

Birchbox Review

So based on the twitter poll I did Glossybox won and even from assessing each box Glossybox is the rightful winner in my eyes for the July subscription box.  I know glossybox has had its hits and misses with me but there is no disputing that this box was amazing. When it came to current popular beauty products love me beauty had some amazing products also it was really hard just choosing a few things with the 60 points. Also in terms of glossybox whether there products are popular or not one thing that you won't be disappointed on is the size of the products and the cost so you will never question whether you got your moneys worth. I've got to admit I questioned the value of my box slightly with how much I payed for my birchbox because of how small all the samples were but regardless they were some really nice products in the box..

So that's my roundup for the beauty subscription boxes for July I know its late but I had to try a few of the products and really make an overall decision. Also if you would like to see full reviews on all the boxes separately for a closer look I have done post on all of them on my blog. 

Let me know which box for the month of July was your favourite be sure to leave a comment down below.
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