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How to enjoy the little things?| Buckley London

How to enjoy the little things?| Buckley London

At first I was going to title this post " how to get through a really bad day " because I felt since I use to struggle with anxiety as a teenager I've learned to get through bad days a lot better and we all can relate to having a bad day or an all round bad week but I will leave that for a next post.  I figured a post on how to enjoy the little things would be far more appropriate especially since I am loving this little but stunning piece from Buckley's London* its got rose gold and marble and its the most beautiful jewellery I own to date. 

Another thing that inspired me to write this post was just taking a day off work to go to Portsmouth with my husband and just unplugging from work, social media and everything, we had such a great time. Despite I love social media and I love work it is a healthy thing to take a break from time to time.

So to enjoy the little things you've got to first separate yourself from the things that puts pressure on your mind for a few hours or a day or two. If you feel under pressure whether its study's work or just the media it would be really hard to enjoy the little joys in life.

How to enjoy the little things?| Buckley London

Secondly plan a day where you will do all the things that you love whether that is making a cup of tea and sitting in your pajama's or if you have a pier or a park nearby go and watch the sunset and just take in the beauty of nature. My daughter absolutely loves to go to the park and feed the ducks in a nearby pond so even my toddler loves a bit of nature gazing.

Lastly, don't  let the negative aspects of life affect your outlook on life. It's easier said than done but its possible, sometimes we can look at a photo and see a million negatives about ourselves or we can simply believe the negative opinions others have said to the point that we embrace them as truth. Don't get me wrong there's always a place for constructive criticism but if it leaves you worst off and not help you to get better then there is no point in letting it get you down.

H&M Jumpsuit

The stunning piece in today's post is from Buckley London which is a brand that is British in heritage that combines the latest trends and contemporary classic within all their pieces and its safe to say that the beautiful Hackney layered pendant just embodies this and it can be worn with a  casual outfit or a more dressed up outfit. This layered pendant retails at £35 and it can be found on Buckley London's Website or if you want to buy another one of there stunning pieces you can take a peek at their Website. I just love that each collection is named after a location in Britain especially when there are locations I have visited or want to visit. I have paired this layered piece with a versatile jumpsuit from H&M that I bought in store some weeks ago. I couldn't find it online but the retail price for it is £29.99 and the shoes are from peacock and they retail at £16, these were sold out quite quickly also so I purchased them in store.

There will be a wishlist where I will post my fashion, beauty and lifestyle items that I have either purchased or that I want that way you lovely's can be able to purchase items even before I post about them if their really popular.

I hope you loved this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Would love to know if you found the post helpful as well as any thoughts you may have. Leave a comment down below.

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