Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Can you really clean your brushes without any liquid?| Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner Review

So today I've got a review on  the shadow switch dry brush cleaner by beauty essentials. I've got to say I love the unconventional beauty items that are just different to how we do things so I was extremely excited to try this. Also I've got to mention that I just grabbed my brushes which was so typical of me and just dived right in without reading the instructions and that was a bit of no no.


So based on the very informative packaging the shadow switch is the solution to switching from one colour to another - using the same brush. The product extracts all traces of makeup powder from your brush allowing you to switch between different colours and shades. The shadow switch also eliminates the possibility of product transfer between your powders when using the same brush.


So I simply pressed and rotated my brush over the shadow switch in a circular motion to remove all traces of the product and then tested it on my hand to see if all the product was gone. I used two brushes to do this, at first when I didn't read the instructions I grabbed my blusher brush by blank canvas but this product isn't for that. So I used my Luxie 229 tapered blending brush and just out of curiousity I used my sisley concealer brush that I tend to use with my ABH dip brow pomade.


With both brushes it literally cleaned them quite well I rubbed them against my hand to confirm also. The tapered blending brush I used in different eye shadows and rubbed against the cleaner after each shadow especially because I've been doing more eye-shadow looks. However my surprise was with the concealer brush it cleaned that the easiest the product just melted off straight away. So I do believe if you keep putting your brush in a whole bunch of different shadows and building it up the results wouldn't be as quick. But its good practice to clean your brushes regularly to avoid breakouts ect so that shouldn't be the case.  If you compare the photo's above and below it shows the results of using this innovative product.


After using this I really do think they are on to something this is a MUA's dream and I always grab it when doing quick eyeshadow looks or when I am travelling somewhere and I just want to take a few brushes with me to do my makeup. After using the shadow switch you can see the product on the sponge just use warm water and a fragrance free soap then leave until completely dry. I did so and left it on a clean soap dish and its also recommended to replace it every 2 months if you use it regularly because that will wear off the sponge.
This shadow switch dry brush cleaner can be purchased from amazon for the affordable price of £5.99 here's the link if you'd like to purchase:Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleanser and its also available at Harvy Nichols stores around the UK . This was another thing I was completely surprised about because a well known youtuber here in the UK was upset over the fact she purchased something similar for £10 I will definitely leave the link to this one on her video because it works so darn well. I absolutely love this product and I will definitely be repurchasing it again it preserves brushes, no product transfer, you can use it on the go ,its hygenic and its eco friendly I don't know about you but this shadow switch is ticking all my boxes.

Have you used the shadow switch brush cleaner or any brush cleaner? I would love to know leave your comments below.


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