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Birch-box Review-July 2017: Summer Daze

Birch-box Review-July 2017: Summer Daze
This months birchbox came to my house smelling absolutely amazing in fact after opening the outer packaging without opening the actual box the scent was so strong it was really hard for me not to rummage through the box to see where it was coming from. I've received this box some time ago but as mentioned I've had so many boxes come to my house this month lets just say I didn't have a shortage of new stuff to try.

So theme for  this month is called Summer Daze and all the products were just bright and colourful. I'll give you a roundup of what came in the box as well as my thoughts.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery- This product was one of the products that filled the box with such a beautiful smell that I thought it was leaking in the box . It has conditioning agent that will condition, hydrate and add shine to your hair while you sleep. It also doesn't transfer to your pillow I'm so excited to try this.

English Laundry- Another product that added to the amazing smell coming from the box. I never heard of this Fragrance but this sample size is tempting me to buy a full size. A spritz with zesty lemon, mint that drys down to sandalwood and vanilla. This smells like summer in a bottle.

Birch-box Review-July 2017: Summer Daze
Origins- Rituali Tea Face Mask- I have never used a facemask in powder form I'm looking forward totrying this it helps to hydrate dry skin so it's something that looks great for my skin.

Balance me- I've never heard of this Cleansing micellar water but it has chamomile, neroli and mandarins and it smells absolutely amazing.

Benefit Cosmetics- I didn't get a chance to choose a colour from the two choices so birchbox picked the colour for me and I've got to say I wanted the other colour I hate orange tone lip products. It's a chachatint lip and cheek product which is long lasting so no need for touch ups.

Birch-box Review-July 2017: Summer Daze

Anatomical soft eucalyptus foot cream- I just love foot creams this one by anatomical soothes and cools your skin and boost a deodorising scent.

In terms of birchbox despite all the products are sample sizes because there letting you try it to decide  whether you want a full size I do feel a lot of the products were two small an amount even to make a proper judgement on a full size product. However there was some great discovers in the box such as the wonder overning recovery, the miceller water and the English laundry scent that I am really excited to use. And there  was a good variety of products for the hair, for the skin, for the feet so birchbox wanted to give you like a complete summer preparation experience.
Birch-box Review-July 2017: Summer Daze
The packaging on the box is beautiful another box that I am looking forward to keeping so overall it was a good box. Will do a roundup of all the July boxes I've reviewed this month and my favourite. If you've purchased any of the boxes I reviewed and have a Favourites be sure to vote on the poll over on my Twitter for your favourite.

If you'd like to purchase this box be sure to head over to Birchbox on their website I think they are currently doing an offer where it comes with an extra mystery box. Have you tried birchbox before what are your thoughts?
Birch-box Review-July 2017: Summer Daze



  1. I feel like I need to sign up to these monthly beauty boxes, this one has such good products in it!!
    liv xx

  2. I've never tried a monthly subscription box but the Benefit and Anatomicals products are so nice and I would love to receive something like this every month. xx Nikita

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