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Tanya burr review

So recently Tanya Burr released a new collection called Chasing the Sun. As most people do I tend to buy products from YouTubers that I watch there channels or I'm familiar with them in some way. So I think with her previous collection I never really had any interest in trying them. I'm not a person that follows hype, so despite I did hear some great things about a few of her products there probably was other makeup products that stood out to me.

For instance when the Carly Bybel Palette came out I was interested because I was familiar with her, watched her video's, tried some of her makeup looks and lets just be real the palette is beautiful. There will be a review up on it very soon.

So I guess your wondering what drew me to make the purchase. So I randomly was watching some YouTube video's and I ended up on a review video of products this YouTuber was loving, I saw pink cocoa being swatched and I loved it right away. Also they had a lot of great things to say about the consistency and so forth.

Tanya Burr Collection


Personally I am a matte girl I love lipsticks and liquid lipsticks that dry down matte.For some reason I just don't like my lipsticks looking shiny. So when I went into store I ended up swatching some of the colours and I really liked it. From the photo you can see that it looks somewhat matte but it is very comfortable and moisturising on the lips. I think they are a great alternative for when your lips are a bit dry and you want to wear a lipstick without having to scrub the heck out of them or your lips just need a break from wearing mattes. Also they didn't cause my lips to crease or appear cracked I'm guessing because the formula is on the creamier side.


So the two lipsticks I purchased is pink cocoa that's a cool toned pinky brown colour I am obsessed with it and the next colour I purchased is bear hug that's just a natural nude colour which I like its from the Neutral Ambience Range and its just your perfect summer nude. Bear Hug looks like a dupe for one of my high-end lipsticks but I can't put my finger on it right now, will let you know on my Instagram when I remember. I think both these colours scream summer, I also think that both these colours were more suited to my skin tone. I really want to try and maybe do a bronzy look with pink cocoa its my favourite out of the both of them. 


I cant get enough of the packaging they just look so high-end that gold packaging, the writing on the lipstick and even just the case itself. This lipstick is definitely up there with my more high-end favourites. The only thing is the number on the actual packaging I think to differentiate the lipstick, that's my only issue I would change but that's just because I was photographing it that I noticed that haha.


So I love these lipsticks there a nice creamy slightly matte consistency that are very moisturising on the lips the packaging is great and the colours I purchased looked really nice on. The only other lipstick that might suit me is Big Kiss but the other's I know they won't even suit me without even trying them. The other product I've got my eyes on for Tanya is her Bronzers from The Chasing the Sun Range they were completely sold out and I tried to swatch them in store and I was tempted to ask if I could pay for the tester LOL!. So I cant wait to try that next but I absolutely loved her products. I purchased these lipsticks at Superdrug for £6.99 but I think I got them for a discounted price. That's another thing with Tanya's brand there everywhere feelunique,boots everywhere and they are practically always on offer. I don't understand why because I would have happily payed £6.99 or more for this lipstick its great!
Have you tried anything from Tanya Burr's Line? What is your go to summer lipstick? Leave a comment down below.

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