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Summer Ready Feet with Newtons Foot Therapy

So its that time again where in the Summer months and I have got to admit that I have been anticipating just wearing my sandals and kicking my tights to the curb. With the London weather being up and down the last few weeks its been rather warm and sunny and my attempt at wearing flats and other forms of shoes has not helped in terms the condition of my feet. On top of that the winter can leave your feet feeling so dried and cracked something that has caused me to have the odd pedicure in the winter to have to then hide your feet away. Its a horrible cycle if you ask me and a costly one at that, that's why I was so grateful to be sent these Newton Foot Therapy products from the kind staff at Brodie and Stone. I couldn't wait to have an at home pedicure and those who saw my instatories would have seen my excitement at trying these.  

So before I let you* know my thoughts on these products I will let you know the items I've been sent.

The Charcoal Deodorant Foot Cream- Fast absorbing and provides 24 hour freshness

The Chiropody Sponge- Effectively removing painful corns and rough skin.Leaves feet smoother and softer in one treatment. It works in minutes and last for months 

The Antibacterial Polishing Foot Scrub- This is a blend of Natural Pomice, refreshing Tea Tree and cooling spear mint to deeply moisturise and refresh your feet.

Newtons Foot Therapy Review


So I first filled my pedicure tub with some warm water and I was a bit torn whether to use the polishing foot scrub first or the chiropody sponge. Since I do tend to have hard skin on my feet I thought it would be best to use the sponge and deal with those areas first. The instructions stated that I had to soak my feet in warm water for 5 minutes I guess it would help add some moisture to your feet if there dry so as to make it easier for the sponge.So I wet the sponge as advised and rubbed a good quality soap on the sponge as instructed also. I used a dove cleansing soap but you can use anything soap your prefer. Gently but firmly rub the sponge over the hard skin or if you have corns and so forth. Remember to be gentle because I went in for the kill and it hurt so hold the sponge firmly but with gentle circular motions. 

After, I applied the antibacterial polishing foot scrub and what I found apart from the calming therapeutic scent it gave off transporting me to a spa. It was very gentle and I just think that it was a great second step after the sponge because it was a very relaxing scrub. Then after washing off the foot scrub I applied  the charcoal deodorant foot cream.   

How to get your feet summer ready| Newtons Foot Therapy


Right after using the sponge my feet felt softer I just felt that the polishing scrub helped to polish up my feet and really soothe and calm them down especially with the lovely mint and tea tree scent it had. The charcoal deodorant foot cream smelt lovely also but the true test is whether it got rid of any foot odour. 

To be totally frank with it being hot and the weather being up and down wearing socks at times and walking around, at one point you will have that case of sweaty feet that will lead to cheesy feet. Its happened to the best of us at the most unwanted time when you go over to a get together and the host says shoes off at the door and you don't have any socks because you wore sandals or flats that day#sendhelp.

So I literally noticed that after taking off my flats 3 days after using this that it didn't have any odour because naturally you will expect any foot odour to go from the complete process. I reapplied this like some days later but gosh this last a lot longer than 24 hours at least for me it did or its possibly all the items combined not sure which one. Also its left my feet feeling so soft I have been rubbing them together ever since because I've only had my feet this soft after a pedicure. I even gave the charcoal deodorant foot cream to my husband to try because a lot of men especially the sporty or gym types like my husband tend to have really cheesy feet especially with the fact they wear socks like everyday, and surprisingly it worked for him to.

Sandal Ready feet for summer
Apart from the blunder I had in the beginning with the sponge I absolutely love all these products they all brought something individual to the process of an at home pedicure and its been over a week and a half and my feet are still feeling soft. Don't think I will be going to my pedicure shop any more after using these products. My feet are going to be summer ready and will be smelling amazing in the winter months as well.

These products are available to purchase from savers. RRP from £1 which was a shock to me because there so good. A great pedicure is between £20-£30 a session  you can have so much pedicures with these products and save heaps and have quality results. 

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  1. This sounds like a fab range and looking down at my feet right now I could really do with using these products right now!

  2. I do could do with these products my feet are in need of some TLC. The range looks really good.

  3. My partner has lots of foot trouble so I'll look out for these for him, thanks!

  4. my feet are horrid and I seriously need some stuff to sort them out. I'm. always thinking I need to invest in d cream and treatments

  5. I'm so glad I've read this. My feet are terrible at the mo. Will defo give this a try. I've never thought to give them a scrub x

  6. What a great post, my feet are in need of some love and these sound great


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