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So in May I was extremely happy to find out I was selected to review a Yesstyle Beauty Box. I was over the moon to say the least because I absolutely love Korean products especially when it comes to skincare. Before getting into the contents of this box fully I have to say that its such a generous box it had the perfect balance between skincare products and makeup products all of which I was looking forward to try. So I'm going to let you know every single item that was in this box as well as my brief thoughts.


COSRX - Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser [SAMPLE] Full Size Product. One of their more popular products, this cleanser helps to removes waste, dirt and deadskin leaving the skin more hydrated soft and comfortable.

heimish - All Clean Balm [SAMPLE] Full Size Product I just want the full size of this product its pretty up there. It not only removes dirt and cleanses the skin but it also removes makeup including waterproof makeup. This oil cleanser changes into a milky texture once it melts away and just leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.

THANK YOU FARMER - Sun Project Sun Essence + Be Beautiful BB Cream & CC Cream Trial Set [SAMPLE] Full Size product link: Sun Essence / BB Cream / CC Cream. I am so curious to try this product as I have been loving BB creams lately as the weather is extremely hot.

Etude House - Pink Vital Water Trial Kit (Facial Toner + Serum + Emulsion)[SAMPLE] Full Size product link: Toner / Serum / Emulsion
Now these samples I am so looking forward to trying since I love Toners and Serums.  


RiRe - Luxe Dual Stick #2 Shadow + Blusher [FULL]- This is a dual colour that can be used as a blusher, eyeshadow or lipstick. I think the colours in this are not just suited to spring only but to summer also. I would probably use the lighter pink for my lids and the darker pink as a blusher.

RiRe -  Lip Manicure Rouge Highfix [FULL]I really liked the lip manicure highfix that literally stays in place. It promises to last on the lips for 12 hours and leaves a matte finish without drying. I love the colour just swatched it on my hand for now and it was really hard to get off so this will definitely last. The colour suits my skintone alot and the little bottle it comes in is so cute.

Berrisom - Oops Dual Contouring #01 Highlighter & Shading [FULL] Another dual product is the berrisom highlight and shading. I love the feel of this product. Based on the colour match and thickness I would use the darker colour to conceal or highlight. The lighter colour is extremely light I would probably use that as a base for my lids.

A'PIEU - My Little Mascara (High Curling) [FULL]  I opened the box and I thought right away that this mascara was cute and I'm in
 love with the packaging. With its promises of a high defitnition look with the use of a curved wand cant wait to put this to a test.

MCC-Accent Waterproof Eyeliner #1 Accent Black [FULL] Excited to try this since I don't own a waterproof eyeliner and its a nice dark rich colour with a thin tip making application more easier.

Overall you can probably do a makeup look with all of the makeup products that are in the box because alot of the products can be used in more than one way if you get a difference in shade. I've got to say skincare won it for me when it comes to this box and majority of the products if not all I would be happy to purchase full size.  My favourites in the box have got to be the ph balancing cleanser, the hemish all clean cleansing balm, the eyeliner, mascara and the lip manicure and that's a lot of favourites. But overall I am pretty happy with the box.

Containing 5 full size products and 4 sample size products this entire box is currently on offer on Yesstyle.com if you would like to purchase.

I hope you enjoyed this box as much as I did. Whats your highlight from spring now that where heading into summer? 

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  1. That box looks amazing! I have been wanting to try some more Korean beauty products! The lip color is prob my favorite as it is such a pretty color!


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