Monday, 17 July 2017

5 Ways To Get Your Car Ready For Those Long Summer Road Trips

So its been 2 years ago since both myself, my husband and some friends had some car trouble on the motor way. What kept happening there was loads of smoke and the car refuse to pick up speed at the time.This situation is up there with a few of my pretty scary situations I have had in my life. So where in the month of July everyone's getting ready for those long journeys to various places and I have to admit I just love a road trip. 

Something about having the wind in your hair and that nice fresh air when your driving to the country side especially, that just gets me excited. So the basis of this post is for you to not make some of the mistakes we made on this trip and save yourself from having the most longest agonising day. Also since some things are unavoidable if you were to have any issues on the road my hopes is that you will get through it with a lot less stress.

So here are my 5 ways to get your car ready for those long summer trips:


This is something I wish we did with our car. *Our little car Ruby(yes we named the car don't most people) tends to run really well despite its an older car and I've also been in newer cars to that tend to break down. So one thing I can recommend is getting your car checked over, that way a mechanic can tell you if there is any thing that is likely to be affected by the long distance or high speeds.


Strangely enough when driving to our destination we were fully stocked up and ready for the ride with food, water but our breakdown happened on the way back and we didn't prepare for that. The RAC took a pretty long time and were starving to say the least. So always make sure you are stocked up with food, water even any medication just in case.


Having the right numbers in your phone just in case(this was a lesson we learned the hard-way) we weren't registered with RAC nor did we have any breakdown company's number. If it weren't for google and our trusty car charger because all of our phone battery's were practically dead this would be a post about how we walked to London from Swindon haha!


There are certain things you can do yourself before setting off like checking the engine coolant levels checking to see if you have a spare tyre and its not punctured and the list continue's. These are just basic things that I would do. It wouldn't take the place of getting a full check over but it will help preventing little things from ruining your road trip especially if it could be prevented.


Having a number for a great mechanic or two in your phone that if anything were to happen, there is peace of mind that you can take your car there and it can be fixed properly. We've only had one big issue with our breaks which was after the motorway incident and we've never had to go through something like that again. 

So if your looking for a mechanic and your in Dundee you can get your brake replacement & repair in Dundee only at Fife Autocentre and let them know I sent you.

If you  have any tips on getting ready and keeping yourself and your car safe for long road trip leave a comment below. And if you've had any mares on the road that you have learnt from I would love to know to.

Thank you for reading and be safe,


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