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Skinny Coffee Club Review: 28 Days Program

Skinny Coffee Club Review: 28 Days Program

First of all I have to say that this review has been a long time coming. I've wanted to try The Skinny Coffee Club for so long I absolutely love coffee and being able to incorporate that into my diet would be extremely easy for me.

So as some of you have been questioning on some of my social handles how does coffee really aid in you loosing weight? 

Skinny Coffee Club contains* Ground Coffee, Ground Green Coffee, Siberian Ginseng, Spirulina, Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia. Skinny Coffe Club claims to use organic, vegan friendly ingredients with no gimmicks as well no hidden toxic chemicals within the production.


It took me a little time to start the program because I needed to get some coffee paper filters so that I could actually prepare the coffee. So I added a teaspoon of skinny coffee to a boiling cup of water first thing in the morning.I had a cup of this coffee every day for 28 days I am rubbish with any sort of routine so I had to set a reminder on my phone(yes I'm that person). 

In terms of the directions it said that the coffee is best served without sugar and milk I knew that wasn't going to happen. Personally, I don't like the taste of any tea or coffee without sugar or milk but it recommended almond milk and a stevie sweetener so I added those and I just loved it. Looking at things from a nutritional perspective I understand why no sugar or milk these things are said to add more calories on you and there marketing a dieting drink so I get it.


So did the Skinny Coffee Club live up to its promises.... 

What I did notice during the first week was a reduction in my bloating and an increase in energy and I struggle with bloating quite a bit and feeling slugglish.

I did loose about 2 stones during the 28 days and before you start shouting get out of town. What I have been doing is going to the gym more and cutting out a lot of takeaway I probably had takeaway once during that 28 days and I cooked and ate healthier. 

Despite Skinny Coffee Club aids in loosing weight if your eating McDonald every day and not exercising not even a little bit I doubt you will see the results that you really want. 

I didn't want to waste these 28 days I'm going to be a bridesmaid in August, Summers coming and lets face it I want to be looking great and feeling great.

Another thing I noticed is that my skin has been looking so much clearer not sure if its the coffee because that's another claim that the Skinny Coffee Club has made but I'm keen to try it another 28 days to see if I can attribute it to that. I posted a photo on Instagram recently and all I was wearing is concealer and lipstick no foundation(NONE!).


Ok I'm going to be completely frank here I love the taste of the Skinny Coffee providing it has almond milk and a sweetener in it without it I can't deal but that's just me with every hot drink haha!.As a recommendation I would love Skinny Coffee Club to provide coffee filter papers I just think that it will help people to start the program quicker especially since a lot of people tend to procrastinate with programs.  I love the fact that it helped with my general bloating and sluggishness and just my general well being. I also felt that the program motivated me to be healthier over that 28 days. I am over the moon over the little weightless I've had over this month and I feel so much more ready to possibly attempt another 28 days. I've got a goal in mind for August but I will share it with all of you if I get there...fingers crossed. But be sure to look out for an update on this coffee if I do another 28 days. 

Have you ever tried Skinny Coffee Club or any weight-loss programs in general. Leave a comment below. I would love to know.

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