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How to Grow Your Instagram Following:3 Ways To Totally Up Your Instagram Game

Ways to grow your Instagram Followers

Gosh where do I start... In terms of Instagram I absolutely love this social platform its my favourite platform out of all of them. Of course like any normal human being I have days where I want to completely distance myself from it or throw my phone out the window especially with this follow for follow thing that's been happening and also the fact that they've changed the algorithm so that the most popular post gets seen first( those that built there following before this change you are so darn lucky). 

It really annoys me that there are some amazing Instagram pages that hardly have any following or engagement because of these changes. I'm  probably going to write a post on 5 Instagram pages that I'm loving at the moment that they should have alot more following than they do.  But back to my point... despite you don't need thousands of followers to get attention from a brand the brand should at least have a fighting chance to be able to find your bomb photo's amongst the millions.

So I'm going to list 3 Ways you can totally up your Instagram game so you can gain more followers and engagement.


You've probably seen this everywhere that hashtags are your friend Instagram now allows you to have 30 hashtags so make use of them. I must confess that recently I have not been making use of my hashtags like I did in the beginning because I've been focusing on my blogging and writing because most of my collaborations with brands have come through my blog and that was prior to even having 500 followers so you don't need a huge following to work with brands (but that's a next post). So in terms of hashtags you just don't pick any random hashtag what you do is search the hashtag and see how many people are searching it. In the beginning I never used any hashtag that didn't have over 1 million people searching and I really felt that it helped me to grow my following. However recently I've been doing a mix of hashtags ranging from 1000's of searching to millions and its always relevant to the subject of the photo or my Instagram page in general and that's helped a lot more now that they've changed the algorithm.

If you dismiss everything I said as total garbage remember this point. I was once told that you had to get alot of comments so that your photo will appear in front of alot of people and I was literally like I get alot of comments and my likes didn't really change. But what I didn't realise were that the comments had to be 4 words plus for it to cheat the algorithm and not appear as spam. So all those single emoticons such as  Brilliant! and Awesome(thumbsup) there not your friend ( if you've been on Instagram long enough you would know exactly what I'm talking about). Also I've even had someone comment on a photo of a magazine recently saying nice hair so that's even more confirmation that there are even bots on Instagram (I found that comment quite hilarious because it wasn't a real person obviously). So before you go and start deleting all the people that are trying to gain traffic to their page by leaving a single comment there are other ways to go about it. 
If you increase your comments it will then increase your likes. you can do so by:
1. Encourage Interaction through your bio. 
2. Be genuinely social with the pages that you have things in common with or you like. At first its a bit daunting because your not face to face with the person but after it comes naturally especially when you make some really nice friends. 3.Join a Instagram group.


I never thought that this was important at all until I started having brands reach out to me to request analytics. When I first started out my Instagram was a personal page until I had the option to change it to a business. When I did that I was able to see what time my readers were active the most. That little graph sign at the top right hand corner keeps all your statistic so you can know all of your Instagram stataistics.

I use to post at the intervals where my readers were most active I don't know why I stopped I think it was due to trying to see if I posted outside of the time if I will get newer visitors to my page(that didn't work haha) but I use to notice I had a quicker engagement when I did that. This is something that I am going back to adapting soon because if its not broken why fix it.So the more engagement (comments and likes) the more people will see your page and it will even spill over to them visiting your Blog. 

I know I mentioned 3 ways but I wanted to give you a bonus way that is equally as important as the ones I've mentioned and that's to constantly improve your content on Instagram in the areas of photo's and even your bio because Instagram is such as visual platform and followers are becoming even more selective with who they follow. My friends and family are probably sick and tired of me showing them my photo's and asking them what they think they really challenge me to be be better and hold me back from posting the quote on quote not so great photo's. One day I will do a post showing you the photo's that never made it to my IG page it will make for some definite humour.(cover eyes)

I've just hit over 2000 followers on Instagram and  I do love being apart of the blogging community and supporting other bloggers and instagrammers. Please let me know if you find this post helpful,so if you have any other tips on how to improve your Instagram page growth wise leave a comment down below. Also I would like to know what do you find difficult on Instagram.



  1. Hiiiii love!!! Super helpful. You know me! Still trying to grow over here. It's interesting to hear your top tips given where you are. Thanks! xx

  2. This was a really helpful post! I find Instagram such a slog! I gain 20 followers and by the time the day is over I've lost them! So frustrating! Will 100% give your tips a go! Thankyou!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  3. This is so helpful, thank you! Instagram is one of the areas I'm really failing at. I'm not sure people realise just how much you have to do as a blogger!

  4. Heya
    Really helpful tips. Quick question do you think its useful to start a whole new instagram or turn your personal instagram to a professional one, just because you already have a following?


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