Friday, 12 May 2017

HiddenBeau-T Turns a Year: Highlights and Lessons I've Learnt

So yesterday my blog turned a year and I have to admit I have grown through blogging its funny to think that before I used to press publish my hand would shake and I would feel my heart race right after. I don't know about you but it isn't easy putting your thoughts your opinions and the essence of who you are out there for the world to see, lets be frank we live in a world that judges you for wearing mismatched socks sometime haha. I have such a respect for bloggers,youtubers, content creators in general because the battle between who you want to be and what your audience wants you to be is REAL!

If you've seen my Blog theme and my Instagram in the beginning you would have seen that I decided to change it up a bit to reflect my taste now that I've got a taste. See that's the great thing with blogging being able to change, adapt and grow. I have a few little tweaks to make to the blog but overall I'm comfortable with it. The last theme I had wasn't bad but I never felt comfortable with it for some strange reason. So today I'm going to share with you a few of my Highlights, Lessons I've Learned or my Oops Moments. So here we go:


  • When my photo's started improving. Will write another post showing you the progression. My photo's are not where I want them to be but by golly there not where they used to be.(cover eyes)
  • Going to my first blogging event, boy did that encourage me I was ready to pack it all in.
  • Writing my first sponsored post and later working with other brands especially the brands that gave me a chance with my 500 followers and lack of experience.
  • Having one of my photo's featured by 4 different brand can I be totally honest I hesitated so much to use that photo in my post and now the brand that took a chance with me and my blog has had so much exposure because of it. So that photo your hesitating about you just never know. That week I had 2 different photo's featured so when you see my post on photo's you will understand why this is the longest paragraphs in my highlights.
  • The moment I started believing in myself after receiving so much nice comments from my lovely readers and brands I've worked with your the real MVP's.
  • Doing my first Giveaway -There's something so nice about giving to others especially when they've taken the time out to support you. This made me really happy I'm looking forward to spending more of my penny's on you guys!


Don't be afraid to be an individual- I remember reading other blogs and feeling so conflicted as to what I wanted my blog to look like, what I should write about ect and ect. But sometimes you just got to be yourself do things differently. I learned this in the new year, its strange how a new year can suddenly knock some sense into you. I realised that the reason why I wasn't feeling happy with my blog is due to the fact that I forgot the reason why I started and that leads me to the next lesson.
  • The reason I started blogging is because I simply enjoyed writing I got approached by a few websites when I just had a little over 200 followers because they liked my content. I got so consumed in taking pretty pictures that my writing just took a back seat. Now I feel so much at peace and I feel that's what helped my photo's to improve I was now beginning to know what lane I wanted to be in and what type of blogger I wanted to be. So if your a blogger and your feeling lost or your hitting your head against a wall maybe you need to step away from the blog for a week or two like I did and ask yourself why do you want to blog? 
  • Some brands are very visual they want their products to be seen in the best light. One mistake I made when I was new to blogging was take on a sponsored post that specifically said they love beautiful photo's. I mean my photo's were beautiful in my own eyes,who am I kidding I used a weird filter there was hardly any sun that day those photo's were so cringe when I looked at them.(#send help). In hind site I could have retaken the photo's its not like the brand was putting pressure on me to post. But what I did I put pressure on myself added the less than cute photo's and clicked publish.The brand was probably so mortified no wonder they didn't reply. Its quite funny when I look back at it now  because after I got better at taking photo's and got a new camera which helped greatly I retook the pictures added it to the post and resent the link. (They replied to that email haha). I've got such a good working relationship with that brand but that thought me a great lesson.
  • Over promising and under delivering- After I came from my first blogging event I made a plan I was going to post 3 times a week (cough once every 2 weeks). I forgot I had a job, a family a social life I was on a one way train to blogger burn out very quickly and I would feel so guilty when I didn't post. When I look back at it its not like there were people sitting in front of their laptops waiting for me to post something like I was the likes of Zoella or Kim K. So I reassessed and I posted once a week, now I've been blogging for a bit I sometimes post twice a week now without it affecting me because I've learnt the art of scheduling your post. ( So give your self time to grow) Just think when you bake a cake on a heat that's too high your left with a burnt outside and a uncooked middle. So I was getting 2/3 post out but I was sacrificing my writing and photo quality because of the pressure.


When I first started the title it was Highlights,Lessons I've Learnt and Goals. But I've got a few secret projects up my sleeve and I need to look over everything and put my goals on paper. I will probably do a post with my Yearly Goals.  But off the top of my head some are my goals are:
  • To do some guest post
  • Do a "Instavideo Tutorial" I love watching them, I need to muster up the courage to do one.
  • Collaborate with some more bloggers
  • Work with my dream brand's we all have them (Mac,Urban Decay call me)
  • Learn and grow more in blogging there are tons of areas that still confuse me but I'm learning (Pin-interest- Vertical Pins huh) and as I learn I shall share.

So I was so sceptical about this post I didn't want it to be a look at me I can back flip, I did this or got that(its not that kind of party). I wanted to celebrate the joys, the pain and my hopes for the next few years. I would hope that whether your a blogger or just a person you can relate to something I have written and in essence be proud of where you are in your life and encouraged to go further. We all have dreams, goals and ambitions and there's that small voice at the back of our minds either through failure or another persons negativity that makes us think we cant do something. Keep going, you really never know!

Thank you for putting up with me for a whole year, there's nearly 4000 of you when I count across all my platforms and I cant thank you enough for your kind words, comments and support.



  1. Congratulations on your blog turning a year old! The improvement in one's blog photos is always an exciting thing, I always get so happy when my photos turn out well or i get new blog props. The photos are definitely a massive factor of blogging.

    1. Thank you lovely! Yes I totally agree its something that develops with heaps of practise but its so worth it.

  2. Blogging is a tough gig! Congratulations on reaching your first bloggiversary with so much success and style!


  3. This is such a great post and thank you for sharing your experiences and journey. I too felt a lot of these but over time have gotten better and more confident, the wins definitely make me feel like I am doing something right! I look forward to seeing your instavideo tutorial soon :)
    x Marisa ( / @marisarobinson.mua)

    1. Aww your too sweet thankyou. I do feel the wins really motivate you to keep moving forward. Will tag you when I do the video:)

  4. Congrats on your first anniversary! So enjoyed reading your thoughts and experiences - for me, finding the balance between home and blogging life is the biggest challenge, and the rest falls into place because I LOVE it. My photos were shockers when I started, but it's all practice and experimentation and...good lighting! xxx

    1. Thank you Kat. Yes that can be a big struggle sometimes balancing home and personal life with blogging especially because I wish I could give so much more time to it.So happy you have grown also. Thank you for reading.xx


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