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So this year I attended Blog Con London hosted by Scarlett London. The dates leading up to it I was very excited yet nervous for some reason I thought there was going to be seminars in different rooms followed by a few brands in a next room. I just wasn't sure how both the conference and the Brands would be incorporated . The event took place at Queen Elizabeth Centre II Centre in Westminister and I have to admit I am always quite happy with the location of Scarletts events there always near to the train station and are easy to find.

I had no idea on how the workshops were going to take place until I saw the topics and the times on Twitter the night before. All the speakers that I got to listen were very relateable and informative. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to hear all the speakers that I listed in my little notebook because there was so many brands in the room to see and also because at points it was quite loud and busy so I couldn't hear some of the speakers. However on twitter alot of the speakers kindly sent a link to their blog with their notes which was quite nice and I am applying some of their tips to my blog as we speak.

The Workshops

The Workshops were on 3 different tables and you had to sit around the table or stand around it if you were interested in the topics. The topics ranged from reaching out to brands, to social media to taking photo's and turning your blog into a business all of which I was interested in learning. If I could sit at all the tables all at once I would because the speakers I heard from were really great especially the speaker that spoke about starting a YouTube Channel.

So I didn't get a chance to see all the brands because there was just so many, and combined with the conference speakers I felt very torn between meeting brands and gaining knowledge. Also there was a few brands I met from Scarlett's previous event. I tried to go and look at the brands that I weren't familiar with first  and then go to the brands that I have met before. Some brands I didn't get a chance to speak with but there will be other chances.

For the sake of not having an extremely long post there's a clickable link on the titles of all the Brands so you can check them out.

I know there's been a few mentions on which brand had the prettiest setup but to be honest Chi Chi took the prize for me. Prior to going to this event I've been seeing their iconic dresses everywhere and I have always wanted to purchase one. Apart from the rows of goodie bags they brought they had a photo competition and I also found a black lace choker in my goodie bag. If you follow me on Instagram you would know my LOVE for chokers are real. I genuinely thought the bag had some leaflets about chichi in it I am so grateful to receive this it is so me.

Prior to attending the bloggers festival I had never heard of lola's apothecary but their stall smelt amazing showcasing a range of their bath and massage oils so I managed to stop and take a peek. They also had a set up where you can take photo's under their arch holding a bouquet and it was just beautiful. This brand promotes wellness, healing and tranquility.

I had heard about this brand from one of Scarlett's previous events I used their face clay and oil samples and I really liked them so I was happy to hear about the new products they have launched and to receive a sample of it.

I was so happy to come across natural world at BlogCon they not only tweeted me a message on twitter prior to the event to remember to come and get my free hair braiding and a bottle of their shampoo.  Once again their friendly staff was there to promote some new products that have now been added to their line. From previously using one of their lines and being obsessed with their mask, oils and conditioner all I want Natural World to do is to create a kids range because their products are absolutely amazing for an affordable price. And the best part is that they are quite natural without alot of the harmful chemicals. I've got another review coming up on Natural World for one of their newer lines so subscribe to my blog to be notified straight away.

I was so surprised to see so many health and fitness food company's and I spent quite a bit of time at Cute and the Good Guru because I've been going to the gym and I 'm currently trying to think about whats the best protein/fitness shake to add to my diet. Below is a variety of all the products I received from the different brands as well as some of the items that were in my goodie bag. Exuviance was really generous in terms of their products and they were a brand that I had met at Scarletts previous blogger event. Because I have quite a few things from their line I will do a separate review on my thoughts on their products as well as some of the other bits that were in my bag.

This was a different sort of post because it had more photo's and I wanted to give you a general summary on everything I've seen and done on this event as well as the brands I was introduced to. I really loved this event I've even made a few friends from this event that I have kept in contact with:)

What are your thoughts on this post? Are there any products you have seen in this post that you would like to know my thoughts on?  
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  1. This must have been so cool!! I wish I could have been there, too!

  2. This sounds like a fab event to go to! Great post x

  3. This sounds like it was great fun, meeting the brands and getting to know everybody! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

  4. What a cool event, it looks like it was amazing! x

    Billie |


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