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What's in my Travel Makeup/Beauty Bag| Antigua

So going to a hot island with beauty and makeup products was very interesting for me this year. I've travelled to hotter countries but its been a long time and at that time I wasn't that bothered about makeup ect apart from lip products because it was short breaks and I would be back in the UK before you know it. 

Before I get into listing the items I brought in my bag I will mention a few mistakes I made and the lessons I learnt through experience because its been quite some time since I have travelled especially on a long vacation.

1. I packed a lot of my beauty products in my hand luggage.While booking the flight I saw that little allowance information section and completely ignored it. When it was time to pass through baggage check I saw the person checking my husband bag say he has to put one of his items in the bin because it was too large and just popped it in there. Then the lady checking my bag  looked at me and asked what I had in my bag that was over 100ml at that point I had hair products, makeup, shaving cream and the list continues. I literally had to ask her what are the other options than throwing them away because I need them abroad and lets be real some of these products I couldn't just watch them be placed in the bin. Luckily she said I can check in the bag so I ran back to do so and they did it for free so the start of my holiday didn't end up being totally ruined.

2. Not bringing my mac mineraliser powder or another setting spray that kept everything in place. The products I used in the UK were fine not sure what it was but the first day of wearing foundation it was so hot that my foundation practically melted off  and the next time I wore foundation my face was so shiny you can do a full english breakfast on it. I didn't have a problem with not wearing foundation or makeup but some days we were going out and I wanted my makeup to look somewhat like it did when I first did it. To be fair the first day I didn't wear setting spray and the second time maybe I didn't put enough. But the last night of going out I applied quite a bit of setting powder and spray and my makeup looked fine at the end of night. I made a lot of adjustments to my application because I knew we would be taking a lot of photo's with family that night. So I took the Nyx Matte Setting Spray instead of the Dewy one because of the weather along with the Nyx Matte foundation, in hot weather the better option is Matte. My other regret is that I didn't take a translucent powder baking my face would have helped heaps more than a setting powder on the day that I attemped to apply the same amount of foundation and setting spray like I would in the UK.

3. Bring a portable phone charger- This is non-beauty related but I had to mention it because I could kick myself because I have 3 portable phone chargers and didn't bring one. When your out especially looking at scenery and your taking photo's and videos for your Instastories and snap chat it takes ALOT of battery life and a few times my phone died while out because I didn't charge it fully the night before. Unlike the UK in Antigua there's no outlets in a nearby coffee shop where you can charge your phone so it is something I will definitely remember on the next vacation. 

So these are few of the lessons I learnt when travelling I have another Blogpost with pictures of exploring the Island, but for now let me give you the low down on the products I took with me in my Makeup/Beauty Bag.

Sleek Cleopatra Higlighter Palette( See my review Here!)

Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in the colour Rose Gold Lights.

Nyx Stay Matte but not flat Foundation in the colour chestnut.

Rimmell Fix Perfect Primer

Too faced blush,bronzer duo in Carrie and Bigs

Sleek Suede effect pressed powder in 03

LA Girl Pro Concealer in the colour Orange

Nail Polishes for my feet from the brands Nails Inc, Collection and Miss Sporty( Only ended up using one)

Quickies Nail Polish Remover- Oh so handy!

Brown Miss Sporty Eye Pencil

Falsies Push -Up Angel Mascara( See my Review Here!)

Icona Milano Mascara

Eyelure Lashes in Volume 101


Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub 

Gerrard Cosmetic Longwear Lipsticks in the colours Cher and Mile High( Review Coming Soon!)

Lip Gloss by Miss Sporty( The only lipgloss I bought it before my holiday, if you have any favourite lip-glosses your loving comment down below)

Matte Me liquid lipstick in the colour Velvet Slipper ( See my Review Here!)

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in the colour Dare

Emite Lip and Cheek Stain

Barry M Lip Pencils  in the colour 17 and 15


Dove Roll On

Nivea- Black and White Deodorant( This deodorant last in any weather its my go to)

Zoella Candy Cream

Natural World Macadamia Hair Mask

Ladival Sun Block

Reload Fragrance Optimiser 

Lait Apres Soleil After Sun Lotion

Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Creme

From Dusk Till Dawn Lush Bar- Such a great alternative to carrying Lotion ( You can read my review on it Here!)

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  1. Replies
    1. Aww thank you I am glad you found it helpful. Thank you for reading!

  2. Helpful post as I am going away in June and one thing I didn't think to put in my hand luggage is my portable phone charger! I would have just put a normal charger in my bag and waited for a socket! Hahaha! Great post x

    1. Thank you Rachel that means alot I am happy you found it helpful! Thank you for reading!xo

  3. I can't go anywhere without my portable charger! lesson learned the hard way when my phone battery died and I didn't have anywhere I could charge it on the fly.

    Lubz ||

    1. From my experience on this holiday I would never forget it again haha life's lessons: )

  4. Great post! I'm so disorganised when it comes to packing my beauty stuff for travel - I just grab random pieces and then curse myself for forgetting things! I can't live without a portable charger though - they're such a great investment! xx

    1. Thank you! I totally agree that's the reason I have 4 of them I place them in different handbags because my Iphone 4s battery was really bad but the 7 is so much better so I don't take them with me as much but for a holiday with all that snapchating and instagram it is needed.Every holiday I've been on no matter how organised I always forget something me and my husband laughed about it on the plane. I guess its unavoidable in our case!

  5. I always need to have my phone charger in my purse, too! I hate when I'm out and about and my phone is dying! Social media just DRAINS your battery!

    1. Tell me about it! I am exactly the same my phone charger is the ultimate handbag essential because of social media. Its really frustrating being out with no phone to use!

  6. Always pays to be careful with the allowance for products on the plane. I travel often so have a lot of minis especially for trips, I save samples for that purpose.

  7. A handy little tip I've learnt is to put travel-sized beauty essentials (which for me is my toothbrush + skincare decanted into travel bottles, or if they're under the 100mL limit I'll take the full tube/bottle) into a zip-lock bag & put them in my carry-on. That way if my luggage is lost or I feel the need to mist myself at 30000 feet (because drying cabin air), then I won't be freaking out. That said, I did accidentally put my toothpaste in my carry-on & had it confiscated by security at Singapore's Changi Airport on my last trip. Luckily I had another tube in my luggage.

  8. Your pictures are so so stunning!! Loved this post :)

  9. Thanks for sharing your travel essentials! I always pack way too much makeup and if I am going somewhere tropical barely wear anything but I never learn lol :) x

  10. Great tips! I worked for an airline for over 17 years so I travelled a lot. Hard to keep up in the TSA's constantly changing rules on liquids. When I go somewhere hot, I usually take a BB cream with SPF and some tinted lip balm with SPF, with the usual blush, bronzer, eyeshadow and mascara, of course.

  11. The nail polish remover sounds like a handy option for travel; a lot faster and more convenient than a bottle!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  12. Always beaut to reap the benefits of someone else's experience, so thanks for this rundown Tas, especially some of the pitfalls of overseas travel restrictions. That portable phone charger sounds like a life saver - I need one for home!


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