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So recently I have been enjoying looking at pictures of everyone's lush purchases and it dawned on me that I have never purchased anything from Lush.I have gotten a few lush items as gifts for my birthday and Christmas which I have loved but I have never been into bath bombs because I can get really busy and the shower is just more practical with my lifestyle and I have always preferred the shower more for some reason. 

After picking up some bathbombs by chance in Superdrug during the Christmas period to add to my pamper evening after having a hectic week I had to take a trip to the shopping centre with the intention of seeing what Lush had to offer in the New Year. 

Firstly I have to mention that the staff in the Lush I went to at Croydon are amazing they were so nice and helpful and they really assisted me in purchasing something since I wasn't familiar with the shop and was excited but slightly overwhelmed with so many beautiful colours and scents.

In fact they were so nice that I nearly spent far more than I planned to. I am an official lush lover if there is such a thing and I cant wait to go back. 

Despite Lush is very popular when it comes to bathbombs they also sells products for the body, lips, hair and I was thoroughly enjoying the experience of trying the other products that weren't bathbombs and even ended up purchasing a few of them. 

So lets dive into the Haul...

Cupid (RRP £2.95)

As its Valentines Day today its only fair that we start with one of the bathbombs from the Lush Valentine's Line they had such a pretty set up I honestly wanted the whole line but since its the first time I'm purchasing from Lush I made the decision to purchase a variety instead. Also, since it was a small lush they didn't have the whole line and I really wanted a certain ladybug bubble bar but I will probably try to get it in a bigger store.  So Cupid is beautiful I do love anything with hearts even when its not valentines day so Cupid really stood out to me visually but the scent of it sold it to me its a blend of rasberry, lime and rose and it just smells beautiful. I'm definitely going to get some more from the line before their removed but if your interested in seeing the line you can find the link Here!

Intergalactic( RRP £4.25)

I have been thinking about this bath bomb since watching it in two of Zoella's video's the colours when dropped into the bath are just mind blowing, even when I see others drop this particular bath bomb into their bath on Instagram I cant help but to watch I just  love it, apart from the Vibrant blues and the fact that it looks like a really blue galaxy to the point you dont want to disturb it, it smells really nice. If your interested in purchasing you can pop in to your nearby Lush store or you can find it Here!


In terms of visually this bath bomb probably was the last one I gravitated to but when I smelt it I was quite shocked at how good it smelt. This bathbomb is probably the one that I am looking the most forward to use. It's benefecial if you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin but not only that it has cocoa butter pieces in it that coats the skin and it smells good enough to eat. Also it has ylang ylang in it which is great for relaxing the nervous system. I am saving this bath bomb for a busy stressful day when I just want to unwind with some music and candles despite I would rather use it tonight. If you'd like to purchase it you can find it Here!

Popcorn Lip Scrub(£5.50)

A non bath bomb item I purchased was this popcorn lip scrub I have heard so much nice things about it. I am really beginning to love lippencils and matte lippies but the thing is if your lips aren't exfoliated  your lips can look really chippy and that's just not cute. So at first I have tried the toothbrush method scrubbing those lips but I find unless you remember to do it regularly it seldom yields results so I really wanted to try this. I have to say gosh this lip scrub is handy since I purchased it my lips have been really soft and exfoliated. And with it smelling like coconut oil, sugar and buttery caramel you are sure to be tempted to eat it. You can purchase it Here!

From Dusk Till Dawn(£4.95)

Last but not least is this little hill shaped massage bar, I never even knew that Lush sells massage bars and I didn't even intend to buy one when I went there but this one is absolutely gorgeous. This has got to be my favourite lush item so far because I got a chance to try it in the store its got shea butter, ginseng,Guarana and Ginkgo in it and I cant wait to put it in my travel bag to take on holiday or use it after I come from the gym after a shower its so moisturising.  If you'd like to purchase this you can find it Here!

So that's my first lush haul its certainly not my last I cant wait to drop the bath bombs in the bath now that I have taken photo's of them:) What are your favourite lush items? Do you have any recommendations or favourites?

Happy Valentine's Day,



  1. Such a great haul with a variety of products! I love lush and I've become so obsessed recently but I can definitely relate to the feeling overwhelmed when you go into a store! I tend to just order online as there isn't a lush close by to me and when I'm somewhere where there is one I never have time to go in! I'm currently absolutely loving the valentines range but I didn't pick up the Cupid bomb!

    Ellie x


    1. I really loved the valentines range to wish I picked a few more of their items from the range now I've tried some of the products:)

  2. Ah i love lush! especially this time of the year! Theyve had some great items this season!

    Darriyan xx

    1. Yes I agree heard so many great things about there Christmas range even asked about a few popular items but they weren't in stock anymore ;( . However I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with for Easter.

  3. Intergalactic look so cool in the bathtub!

  4. I think I mentioned this on your instagram post too...can we live at Lush!? I would seriously be happy surrounded by all that awesomeness!

    Lubz || http://lubzsays.com

  5. I love lush! I could spend hours in that store smelling all their bathbombs and lotions <3 :)

    x Helen http://www.seaandstyle.com/blog/

  6. I love their lip scrubs, they are so delicious! Enjoy your haul! :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn


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