Monday, 27 February 2017

Product Review:Maybelline New York The Falsies Push-up Angel Mascara

Sometimes when trying out a range of products you tend to overlook a few of them especially when they were bought through impulse. I bought this Maybelline New York Falsies Push-up Angel with no intention of doing a review until my loyal followers wanted to know my thoughts on this item so this review is for all of you beauts : )

I am currently using a mascara that's alright so when I saw this mascara in Superdrug I thought that it was for false lashes and not to give the illusion of false lashes so I didn't use it for some time because I didn't feel the false lashes I was wearing needed it.While vacationing in Antigua I ended up using this Mascara before going out and I was astonished at the results so I had to share them with you. So lets dive into the review...


The Falsies push-up Angel uses its specially angled brush to sweep lashes to the side while lifting and plumping from the roots. It promises to deliver a voluminous arch for dramatic makeup look. Maybelline also states that the styling formula holds the lifted winged look in place and is Ophthalmologist tested.


Tuesday, 14 February 2017


So recently I have been enjoying looking at pictures of everyone's lush purchases and it dawned on me that I have never purchased anything from Lush.I have gotten a few lush items as gifts for my birthday and Christmas which I have loved but I have never been into bath bombs because I can get really busy and the shower is just more practical with my lifestyle and I have always preferred the shower more for some reason. 


Saturday, 4 February 2017

January 2017 Favourites

I really cant believe where in February already it feels like just yesterday we were saying Happy New Year and thinking about our achievements for 2017. January really flew past me but I'm determined to make February a productive one so I thought I would kick start this month with some post that you don't usually see from me I did a Valentine's Makeup Look that was incredibly fun with another Beauty Blogger and today's post I will be talking about my favourites in January.

As a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger it is really hard to narrow down on the products that are your favourites sometimes because there are so much products to try but I had some that I was really pleased with in January and I thought I would share them with you.


Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep- I spoke about how amazing I found the Vichy its a definite favourite when it comes to non- makeup products .Despite its a sample it's made a big impression on me hands down  cant wait to purchase the large jar you can read my review Here!

Vitamin E Skincare Refreshing Toning Mist-  Not everything that is an in house brand is poor quality, I literally reached for this because Superdrug was having a promotion now I find myself spritzing it onto my face every morning for my morning routine. I really like it, its very cheap and cheerful but I feel its made a difference when it comes to my skin looking more toned and I like the fact its a spray bottle so I don't have to grab a cotton wool/pad like my other toners.


Smashbox Gel Liner- When I first purchased this I did not have a clue how to get it working, its not my first eye liner but its the first one that I have used that has instructions in terms of the actual use, but once I got the hang of it its been amazing. So its two clicks one for each eye and the way the actually tip is slanted it's made it soo much easier for me to get a nice  winged look without smudges. I have to admit I am not the greatest with eyeliner in fact anything that has to do with eyes I hold my breathe till its done eyelashes, eyebrows the whole eye family lol but I'm getting better. So yay I'm happy with this product.

Sleek Matte Me( Old Hollywood) - Gosh this is my go to when it comes to matte liquid lipsticks I just love the colour and the formula of this one, I'm usually a fan of berry tones so this one is right up my street.

Skeek True Colour Lipstick( Dare)- When I swatched this lipstick in Superdrug OMG!. Your probably thinking I bang on a lot about Superdrug I practically live there, its even worst that there's one near my house. But as I was saying when I swatched this lipstick I couldn't leave it the colour is what got me first it was like a cross between a berry and a vamp lipstick and when I used it at home I loved it even more the formula is creamy, non patchy gosh I love this lipstick I am definitely going to try their others.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend- Another winner, since I purchased this  palette I have literally abandoned all of my other palettes because I absolutely love it, their are some clear favourites in it but overall I would use all the colours. Another thing the colours are so pigmented and the eye shadows glide on really well with hardly no fallout. If you want to purchase your own or any of the other Zoeva palettes you can find it Here!


Oral B Cross Action Pro 2000 Electric Toothbrush- I purchased this in the beginning of the year because I was really paranoid whether I was brushing too hard or too soft because I started to feel some sensitivity. I've been struggling with the decision to transition  to an electric toothbrush for a while because of cost and just being unfamiliar with them. I purchased this toothbrush since there was loads of sales on for them in the end I got mine for £25 from Amazon after it had sold out in Asda for the same price.This was an absolute bargain because the original price was £70 and purchasing this is the best decision I have made. The toothbrush lights up when I am scrubbing too hard and I've noticed a difference in my teeth because the toothbrush head spins and vibrates doing all the work for me. 

2017 Organiser-  I really wanted an organiser for 2017 but I wanted one that is small yet with a lot of  different sections to organise my day to. I was totally sold by the cover at first it said " Its tiring being this organised" with a cute cat yawning. I guess I have a thing for cute journals and organisers.

Ariande Grande Perfume Set- This perfume is so beautiful I cant go on about it enough it just smells amazing I just want another bottle because this one is getting used up fast its the Ari by Ariande Grande if you'd like to purchase a bottle of your own you can find it Here!.

Reload.- I started trialing this product in January after receiving this in December and this cute gingham optimiser has not left my bag since. I wrote a whole review on this brand in detail because I loved all 3 of the perfumes they sent me and I am looking forward to trying the others. If you want to see the full review on these fragrances you can find it Here!

So this is my first favourites post and my hopes are that it wouldnt be the last since I am trying more products. Let me know if any of my favourites are your favourites or what are your favourites in general. I love watching youtube favourites and reading blog favourites alot free to leave me a link if you did a similar post I would love to read it.

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